"Chain of Betters" Awards Given by Western Union for Community-Building Projects in the Philippines

By Mommy Donna and Kib - March 15, 2016

I'm for social change.  I'm so happy to know that big companies all over the world are supporting a cause to make our planet a wonderful place to live and to improve our lives better.

Western Union announced last March 3, 2016 that its Chains of Betters competition has selected four winning projects that will improve the quality of life for those living in the Philippines.  Chains of Betters funds projects that will make lasting positive change for communities around the world.  

The four individuals who nominated these projects will be responsible for making the "better" happen over the next three months.

Following are the projects that will benefit from Western Union's Chain of Betters awards:

  • "The Disaster Workshop and Equipment" projects, nominated by Jeremiah Datoy -- this project will provide the indigent people of Tiwi, Albay with communications equipment, rescue materials and disaster preparedness seminars.  Tiwi, Albay is always affected by 10-15 typhoons yearly.
  • The "Water for Vegetable Farm" project, nominated by Venus Parmisana -- this project will create a Microcontroller-Based Water Management System that will help women farmers augment their income and give them more time with their families.  The Microcontroller-Based Water Management System is a research and development project by students in MSU-IIT.
  • The "Help the Aeta Kids Get a Chance at a Better Education" project, nominated by Karlo Manzano -- this project aims to build a library for the Aeta children of Sitio Bago Silang in San Pablo, Castillejos, Zambales, and support ALS (Alternative Learning System) teachers to provide mobile chalkboards and other materials in their outreach to Aeta kids in the mountainous region.
  • The "Saludo GEnSet-Portable Solar Generator Set" project, nominated by Aquileta Turla -- this project will provide electricity and its many benefits to 16 million people.  This gas-free source of renewable energy will keep lights, phones, handheld radios for disaster response, medical equipment and laptops powered on through any situation.

The Western Union "Chain of Betters" competition was designed to kickstart a chain of good deeds by awarding US$1,000 (or its local currency equivalent) for the winning project ideas nominated by individuals from an initial group of 20 qualifying countries in 2015.

Simonetta Rigo, Western Union Vice President for Global Brand and Marketing said, "The Chain of Betters competition was designed to show how the movement of money can create a ripple effect in communities around the world.  We see every day that financial support of any dollar amount can advance the good, simple ideas that have a big impact and create a multiplier effect to improve lives."

"This competition expresses our deep appreciation for our customers and the people they help regularly through remittances," she added.

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