A Day to Express and Meditate

By Mommy Donna and Kib - March 28, 2016

Once in a while, we need a time-off from the hustle and bustle of daily living.  

Mommies like me always get crazy from the tasks that we do on a daily basis.  Honestly, it is exhausting and emotionally tiring.  I am just very thankful that I have a wonderful son who can help me with daily tasks and who can understand my emotional breakdowns when things don't go the way it should be.  He is truly a gem, a gift from God.  

One of the popular stress reliever for adults is to channel their energy in art.  Adult coloring books became popular these days because experts observed that adults need to have an outlet in releasing their stress and seeing different colors will affect their mood.  I am also tempted to buy an adult coloring book but whenever I see how small the spaces for coloring for each picture, I don't think I have the patience to complete coloring one picture, haha.

I am very curious about expressive art meditation.  Actually I don't know that there is such thing, hihihi.  All I know that art is only for the experts, haha.  I must admit that I do not have talent in drawing so I am also a bit hesitant to join any art activities myself.  Expressive art Meditation is offered by Artist Madhouse.  I have already heard about Artist Madhouse during the work-at-home event in 2014.  I really liked the way Jem and Carol (the founders of Artist Madhouse) entertained people from all ages during the work-at-home event.  Since then, I wished that I can attend one of their sessions in the future.

Expressive Art Meditation is a soothing fusion of guided meditation and free-flowing art making, collectively called the expressive arts.  The art making process gives the participants a freedom to express and release their inner thoughts and feelings.  The comforting process helps the participants create transformative insights that they can use in everyday life.  Jem and Carol assured us that in expressive art meditation, all artworks are beautiful.  Honestly, I am a bit hesitant to draw during that time because when we were in school, teachers give a grade on each drawing that we make, but Jem and Carol assured us that in this activity, our drawings will not be criticized nor ridiculed.   Expressive Art Meditation is for both adults and kids, but the approaches are different.

Last March 13, 2016, Kib and I were invited to experience expressive art meditation.  We were excited for this activity because my son also likes to draw and is imaginative and creative.  Meanwhile, I need a sort of release because I'm stressed these days.  I need something as hugot for my feelings, haha.

Before the activity started, Jem and Carol explained to us what will happen during the two-hour activity.  There were separate activities for mommies and kids.  The kids had a team-building activity first and they drew characters on the blank finger puppet on which they will create a story and present it afterwards.  The mommies had an activity on a separate room.

Look at the photos during the activity.  Credits to Artist Madhouse to some of the photos here.

Carol explaining to the children the first activity for the day

The kids had to go under the rope without letting go of each other's hands

Next activity was to 'cross' the bridge, children must reach their goal (the green apple) without their feet going beyond the bridge

The kids showcasing their finger puppets

It's Kib's time to present his finger puppets!

Kib is telling a story about his finger puppets

Kib with other kids showcasing their finger puppets on the mini-theater

Jem telling us on what to expect during the expressive art meditation activity

After the soothing music and short meditation, now it's time to translate our inner thoughts and feelings through art

Me explaining what my drawing is all about.  Sorry, I can't share with you the interpretation of my drawing, it's confidential :) :) :)

Me and the rest of the mommy bloggers showcasing our drawings for a photo opp

The activity for mommies was indeed a time-off for us.  Our inner thoughts and feelings were translated into drawings.  The sharing that we had after our drawing session showed that mommies have the same sentiments with regards to taking care of the family.  Somehow, this activity helped us to channel our inner struggles to drawings and helped us to process our feelings about our current situation.  It was really a relief for all of us. 

After the mommies' session, we went back to the room where our kids are.  Our children had a puppet show.  The kids confidently showed their finger puppets to us.

Indeed, the whole experience was refreshing and gave us an idea on how to release our stress--through art.

If you want to experience Expressive Art Meditation, you may visit Artist Madhouse's website and Facebook page for their upcoming activities.

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    1. You're welcome! Try to avail of the Expressive Art Meditation of Artist Madhouse, it is really refreshing!