By Mommy Donna and Kib - February 04, 2016

One of the things that a mom battles everyday is dealing with everyday chaos in the house.  I may only have one child, but the amount of kalat he does at home is equivalent to three kids, arrghhh!  I guess it is also my fault that I buy things more than what he needs that is why he doesn't mind having too much of his stuff lying around the house.  

Anyway, the hashtag #MayForever became popular last year.  I am not sure how, but I guess this is to refute the way of thinking of some people have because of broken relationships (#WalangForever).  #MayForever became popular not only to tell that relationships can last till death, but also for the things around us that has been a part of our daily lives, like traffic, haha.  

I am also using #MayForever hashtag on my post because it is true that trash at home is never-ending, waaah!

One day of decluttering...old clothes and toys

My son likes exploring.  He always makes himself busy at home by drawing, doing imaginative play, reading books, etc.  Also, I assign chores to him at home.  He does gardening, watering the plants, sweeping the garden, preparing the dining table, washing the dishes, and sometimes he cooks simple dishes for us.  I feel proud of this boy that he knows a lot of household chores.  However, he still really needs how to organize things because he has stuff all over the house, waaah!

A display of Kib's creativity, he used crayons to build a racetrack

As a mom, it is part of my responsibility to keep our house tidy so that we will be germ-free and not sickly.  However, I am no Martha Stewart.  As much as I want to live simply, to have a Zen-like feeling at home, sometimes it is hard for me to let go of some things.  I guess it is also my upbringing too since both of my parents came from poor families.  They wanted to give us a better life so they gave everything that we needed.  When we do family shopping, my father doesn't put a cap on the budget, but then the price should still be reasonable.  I also have a tendency to buy things more than I needed, haha.  

Rearranging his books for the nth time

Just like any other kid, he has lots of 'bedmates'

But don't think that I do not like sharing to other people.  Whenever I receive blessings, I also share it with others.  I do believe that the cycle of blessings won't end if you know how to share it with other people too.  The Lord also commanded us to give generously :)  I have earlier blog about sharing, you can read it here.  

Shared some of his toys to the less fortunate at Philippine Toy Library

I also care for the environment, so I try to sort our trash.  I salvage the trash that can be sold to junk shops.  When I think I have enough, I ask my tita to sell it and the proceeds will be theirs.  Though recently junk items are very cheap, so even if I saved a lot of recyclable items, it won't cost a lot, haha.

Teaching Kib to be responsible

So again, #MayForever ang kalat, hahaha...it's part of our daily lives but what we can do is to minimize the trash at home is to always put things in order after using it, have plenty of trash cans at home, teach our kids to tidy up, and try to live simply.  The last tip?  I think I still need to master it, hahaha...so help me God :)

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