Protect Your Eyes from Harmful Blue Light with Essilor Crizal Eyezen

By Mommy Donna and Kib - January 28, 2016

"The eyes are the windows to the soul."

People can easily tell whether a person is happy or sad through his or her eyes.  Even if we try to show that we're okay by the tone of our voice, our eyes will still reveal our true feelings.  The eyes can also tell if the person is sincere or not.  Notice that when a person did something wrong, hindi sya makatingin sa taong may atraso sya, hehehe.

Kidding aside, I feel blessed to be part of the launch of the latest product of Essilor, Crizal Eyezen.  

Last year, I attended their event introducing Piolo Pascual as their latest brand ambassador.  All attendees had a chance to try Essilor lenses and I'm happy about it (see my blog about it here).  

Now in this day and age of internet, it's a must for people to keep their eyes glued to the world using their digital devices--may it be a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.  It is a fact that being digitally connected has become part of our daily lives.  Being a work-from-home individual, I am online for more than eight hours daily (there came a time that I was online for almost 20 hours daily, waah!).  

However, being online all the time can strain, and even, damage our eyes.  With the constant exposure to blue light emitted by the digital devices, our eyes need protection.  Even if we adjust the brightness of our computer or smartphone screens, still it emits harmful blue light.

Since most of us use multiple digital devices, we are now engaged in a digital behavior called "multi-screening".  Multi-screening is a behavior where an individual uses multiple digital screens simultaneously, on average of four (4) different devices are used--either for work, education, socializing, or leisure.  This is true because some people own two mobile phones, plus tablet, plus laptop.  Hindi naman sila super busy, hahaha.

On the average, a typical multi-screen user spends 7 hours and 24 minutes of screen media per day.  Of that time, 34% is spent on smartphones, 33% on TV, 23% on laptops, and 10% on tablets.  This longer time in front of bright digital screens and versatility between devices are challenges for the human eye and many people are describing specific symptoms linked to their new behavior.

Crizal Eyezen, keeping your eyes protected from blue light

Essilor, the global leader in ophthalmic lenses, introduces Crizal Eyezen, a new range of lenses designed to keep our eyes protected while staying connected to digital world.

Crizal Eyezen, your protection against blue light

Crizal Eyezen lenses are designed to replace ordinary prescription lenses or to assist occasionally the ones who usually do not need glasses (yes, even those who have perfect 20/20 vision needs this), when viewing their digital devices.  They exist in three (3) different optimizations according to the type of screen most used and the age of the patient (young adults aged 20-34 years old, pre-presbyopes aged 35-44 years old, and emerging presbyopes 45-50 years old).  I asked during the media launch if Crizal Eyezen can also be used by children because as we all know, children are already considered as digital natives.  Unfortunately, this is only available for adults.

Design optimization for each age group

Crizal Eyezen is not for kids

It features three revolutionary technologies--Eyezen Focus, Light Scan, and W.A.V.E. Technology that work in sync to relax the eyes from all digital stress and protect against harmful blue light.

Eyezen Focus Technology helps relieve the eyes' focus when using digital devices and reduces eye strain in ultra-near distances or for reading small characters by giving an extra power in the lower portion of the ophthalmic lens.

Light Scan Technology is a unique light filtering technology which protects eyes from the harmful blue-violet light emitted by digital screens.  

W.A.V.E. Technology eliminates distortion for a sharper, clearer vision at every distance and better vision even in low light.

This video will show why we need Crizal Eyezen in our daily lives

During the product launch, attendees were given an opportunity to test the effectiveness of Crizal Eyezen and I'm so impressed that it really made a difference compared with just wearing ordinary lenses.  It really filtered the brightness (the lenses when worn gives a yellowish effect, so refreshing), the objects that we can see on the screen became sharper (para akong nanonood ng 3D movie, ganun ka-sharp, haha), and it really relaxed my eyes (limited blinking while staring at the screen because the eyes are not working too hard).  I also asked if Crizal Eyezen is okay to use even outside the home.  I asked this because I drive and sometimes at night it is very difficult to see because of the glaring lights of cars.  And yes, Crizal Eyezen is also good to use outdoors.

Want to try how Crizal Eyezen works?  I tried this and voila!  Lumiwanag buhay ko, haha

Me wearing Essilor Prevencia , my prescription lenses (A), Essilor Crizal Eyezen (B), and combination of the two (C).  I feel better with C!

Crizal Eyezen is just one of the many technological innovations of Essilor.  As technology continues to advance, people's visual needs will change at the same time.  Essilor makes sure that people's visual needs are always complemented through its constant technological innovations, innovations that aim for people to see the world better.

I can't wait to try on Crizal Eyezen on my everyday life!  

Crizal Eyezen lenses are available in clear and Crizal Transitions at leading optical shops nationwide.  For more information, visit Crizal Eyezen's Facebook page.  

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