New Year, New Things

By Mommy Donna and Kib - January 11, 2016

When new year starts, most of us take time to reflect on what happened on the previous year.  We do also make our game plan for the new year and somehow, we also try to plan ahead for our activities so that we will know what to prioritize.  This year, I am trying out new things and hopefully, I will be able to complete it all throughout the year.

Last year, I used Certified Positive planner (see my review here).  It really helped me with all of my activities and I've used it in church too.  The Sunday portion is used for note-taking during worship service.  This year, I will be using Design Your Life planner and I'm already excited to fill it up with all of my adventure, thoughts, and plans for 2016.  I also plan to prettify my planner to keep me inspired in doing my daily activities.

I've already added some decors on my Design Your Life planner

I've also started with Gratitude Jar this year.  I also made one for my son too.  Having a Gratitude Jar will always remind me that there is something to thank for everyday.  This will also help me to always look at the positive side of life.

Our Gratitude Jars!  Daily, we will write something to thank for no matter how big or small it is.

I also started the year with prayer and fasting.  It is very important that we do fasting every now and then so that we will be able to have an opportunity to commune with God.  Fasting is healthy both physically and spiritually.  This year's theme is "Dare to Believe".  Each and every one is challenged to have an audacious faith in the Lord, no matter how impossible things it may seem.  I have lots of things on my prayer list and I know the Lord will answer each one in a timely fashion.

Here is the study guide for the prayer and fasting.  I know the Lord will answer my prayers, He just wants me to be more patient 

Though I will still continue keeping myself healthy by exercising and eating right (yay to Balik-alindog, woohoo!), I will put more focus on my physical appearance.  I always make it to a point that I look presentable whenever I go out but this time I think I need to learn how to put make-up.  I can only do simple make-up.

I think I need how to learn putting different make-up styles on different occasions, I only know how to put day make-up.
Kib has entrepreneurial dreams.  I admire my son for having that kind of thinking because I am not entrepreneurial.  I'd rather work or invest than giving so much time on putting up a business and thinking of ways on maintaining it.  My son tried to put up a book rental business but I guess he had a hard time with his 'business partners', haha.  I hope that there will be someone who will mentor my son and I think I also need to help him reach his entrepreneurial dreams.  I have been talking with Celia of Brownroots Creatives (know more about Brownroots Creatives on my earlier blog here) and she has offered business plans for our kids.  I do hope that our plans with our children flourish.

Kib's book rental stall.  Very innovative!  He used a balikbayan box as his table.

I am so excited for what's in store for me and Kib for 2016.  I know the Lord has great plans for us.  For sure there will be disappointments, but I know the Lord is only teaching us something that we should still be hanging on to God despite of the booboos along the way.

Cheers for 2016!

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