My Other Career: Being an Events Director

By Mommy Donna and Kib - January 25, 2016

One thing I learned from working from home is to be flexible and to be always open to opportunities.  A work from home individual should always have a passion to grow and develop oneself.  Working from home somehow helped me to be more mature and professional in dealing with other people because it is very important to build trust to people even if you only see each other virtually.

On my earlier blogpost, I've talked about how I started to become a work from home individual.  It was purely accidental, but for the past nine years that I have been doing it, I never had any regrets.  I love the freedom that it gave me, to be able to work anywhere and anytime and at the same time, being able to really monitor my child's growth and development.  I feel proud and accomplished on seeing my son growing up to be a fine young man who fears the Lord.  Though my parental responsibility over Kib has still a long way to go, but I know that I have planted the right seed in his heart and for sure he will not depart from it :)

My primary work from home is being an ESL Online Teacher to foreigners.  I really love teaching!  I also like learning from my students' culture and sometimes I would also ask them to teach me basic phrases.  There was a moment in home homebased career that I worked as an Administrative Officer/HR Personnel at a homebased call center.  I also sometimes do Virtual Assistance whenever my services are needed.  

However, there's this one homebased career that I am into right now that somehow I also wished to do in an office setting before, which is to organize events.  I know I'm a people person, but there are times that I feel shy talking with people especially when I would try to close some deals with them.  I feel I do not have a talent in doing sales.  

I saw this job post in one of the work-at-home groups at Facebook and I just got interested in applying since it was a work-from-home job.  Well, actually, there are times that I need to go out of the house since I need to have a meeting with some prospects and do logistics too.  So there, I have been working at Manila Workshops since 2013 and so far I'm loving it, hihihi...

There are times that I also get sad especially when the turnout of the events was not the one I expected.  Anyway, they say that failure is a part of success, and somehow it also helps me improve the workshops that I personally handle.  It's really a continuing process of learning and evolving so that I will be become better at my craft :)  I guess I've convinced myself that I REALLY have a talent in talking with other people (so ironic that I still can't believe that even if I was an HR practitioner and a teacher in the past which are both people-oriented careers, haha) and to close business deals with companies, wee!

At Manila Workshops, basically I handle First Time Parents workshop series.  This series is our partnership with The Parenting Emporium.  First Time Parents topics are gearing towards helping expectant parents to prepare for pregnancy, delivery, newborn care, breastfeeding, and baby and toddler care and nutrition.  This workshop series is really designed to cater to the needs of people who are really interested in taking care of their child from 0-3 years old.  Although the topics are for parents, we do also welcome singles and parents who need refresher (age gap of their children is huge) in this series.  Basically, anyone and everyone who wants to know more about the topic!

Shameless plug, I will be holding my first First Time Parents workshop series this January 30th and February 6th, 2016.  I do hope that you can invite your family and friends to attend this workshop.  You may check the details of the event on this link:

I am excited for 2016.  I prayed to the Lord to bless all the workshops that I will handle, to bless the sponsors, the speakers, and the participants.  I am praying for the success of the first run of First Time Parents workshop series that I will handle.

Watch out for more parenting workshops at Manila Workshops this year!  Please support me, haha :)

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