Brownroots Creatives: Turning Your Ideas into Printed Matter

By Mommy Donna and Kib - December 08, 2015

I do believe that creativity is one talent that is innate to each and every one of us.  This just needs be unlocked and once unlocked, this should be continually enhanced.  Creativity is one thing that puts people in the pedestal of success because they wanted to be unique and stand out from the rest.

Sadly, not all creative people have an avenue to show their talents.  Most of the time, creative people do not have entrepreneurial skills to showcase their talents.  I may say that I am one of those people who have ideas but do not have entrepreneurial skills to sell my ideas.  My son has been begging me to sell off some of his ideas too but I can't help him that much because I am not entrepreneurial.  

Fortunately, there are some people who are willing to help these creative people to sell their ideas and creative designs .  I am happy to have met Ms. Celia Alamo-Jacob, the woman behind Brownroots Creatives.  I have met her during the Work-At-Home Expo in September 2015 when I invited her to become one of the exhibitors in this event.  Her daughter Hailey and Kib were playmates during the event.  Since then, we have been constantly in touch on Facebook.  

Ms. Celia invited me and other bloggers for a chitchat to further explain her advocacy.  Ms. Celia is a former OFW in Qatar for eight years.  She started her advocacy in helping struggling artists there and when she got back to the Philippines this year, she hoped to continue her vision of helping people and be proud of their roots.  She was deeply humbled by her own struggles being away from her family back in the Philippines.  With a complex mis of talent, she is now able to help her fellow Filipino countrymen start their own small businesses and empower them to keep on going.  She doesn't get tired of guiding them at the right direction business-wise.  She always reminds people not to forget one's learnings as an essential tool for their own personal and professional growth.  Thus, Brownroots Creatives was born.

Brownroots Creatives' logo

Ms. Celia together with other bloggers during a coffee talk 

Brownroots Creatives is an entrepreneurship project which helps people to turn their shoutouts, ideas, and creative designs into printed shirts and other merchandise.  The idea is to empower creative entrepreneurs to set up their their own line of shirt business without the hassle of the production process.  All the person must do is to focus on his/her creative ideas and marketing skills and Brownroots Creatives take care of the production for you.

Some of the available designs at Brownroots Creatives' website.  You can also have your own design!

Brownroots Creatives is not just about clothing, fashion, and style.  It is about spreading individualism, positivity and good vibes to all Filipino people around the world by their products and services.  Brownroots Creatives aims to provide excellent products and services with a passionate heart to bless others through the captured statements.  In addition, it also aims to produce meaningful products and services to exemplify our own lifestyles as well as the ability to live it as it is we are pure-blooded Pinoys.  

"Without vision, we will perish."

Brownroots Creatives envisions to empower every Filipino people in the world by providing quality products and services.  Brownroots Creatives will be a catalyst of pride and positivity through every individual wearing the statement products that they have produces and living it by letting the shirts and lifestyle talk on their own.  Ms. Celia truly believes in the saying, "walk the talk'".  

Personalized tote bag, notebook and statement shirt from Brownroots Creatives

Me wearing a statement shirt from Brownroots Creatives

My son has been asking me if he can design his own shirt.  I asked Ms. Celia if she can help my son in digitizing his ideas and she said yes!  I am excited for this collaboration as my son wants to be an entrepreneur--and photographer--someday.

To know more about Brownroots Creatives, you may visit their website at and their Facebook page at  You may also contact them via email at and thru mobile at 0915-63ROOTS (76687).  

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