Tupperware's MandoChef--Your Bestfriend in the Kitchen

By Mommy Donna and Kib - November 19, 2015

In the kitchen, I can say that I'm still a work in progress.  I am deeply humbled when people commend the dishes that I prepare (check out my earlier blog about the dishes that I prepared).  There are still lots of dishes out there that I still need to discover.  For some, cooking can be stressful!  I must admit, there are times that I'm too lazy to cook.  My son is already complaining that he doesn't get to eat 'real' food because I don't cook often, haha.

I am thankful that I rarely encounter accidents in the kitchen.  With the latest kitchen tools and equipments available in the market, cutting, slicing, and peeling fruits and vegetables is now easy-peasy.

Tupperware, the leading kitchen storage solutions brand in the world, has evolved in offering other tools that can help people in the kitchen.  Tupperware has been innovating kitchen tools to help us in saving time and energy in preparing our daily meals.  

With Tupperware’s MandoChef, cooking a healthy and fancy-looking meal is easy! There are many things you can do in a Tupperware minute with the new MandoChef, the most efficient mandolin slicer. This handy, high-grade kitchen tool quickly and easily cuts fruits and vegetables. With its 8-way cutting system, the MandoChef’s two interchangeable blades allow you to quickly slice, dice, cube, julienne, crinkle, and wafer cut your fruits and vegetables! The perfectly precise cuts help you make super fast salads and slaws, plentiful potato dishes, and so much more! The handy dials on the side make it easy for you to slice and dice in just seconds.

Tupperware's MandoChef

Slicing and dicing with a knife is easy, but with the new Tupperware MandoChef, you now have a kitchen tool that will make the task easier, faster, and more fun! Cooking today is not as difficult as it used to be thanks to Tupperware. The truth is that good food isn’t difficult to make! Ingredients are fantastic and easy to find, and you can be creative in 20 minutes or less. Healthy eating starts from the preparation to the cooking of food with the ultimate slicing and dicing gadget, the MandoChef.

Prep with precision! Prep like a professional chef! Make cubes, waffles, sticks, diamonds, julienne, crinkle slices, crinkle sticks, and slices with Tupperware’s MandoChef in no time!

I want to own this too!

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