"Mom, I Don't Want to Homeschool Anymore!"

By Mommy Donna and Kib - November 26, 2015

We already have been homeschooling for six years now (two years independent, four years with a provider).  For six years, our homeschooling journey has never been always a bed of roses.  There are times that we also have our drama moments.  I already tried a lot of techniques to make our homeschooling journey a fun and interesting one but still, the drama moments are there.  I guess all homeschooling families have their low moments in their homeschooling journey.

Kib is now in fourth grade.  Although he had difficulty with his previous grade levels, this time it's so much more.  He dreads Math and Filipino so much that he always leave these two subjects behind.  He will play or read other books while studying that he ends up falling asleep at night while studying.  I already removed his gadget privileges in the hopes that he will study more.  I also limited his TV privilege too, but it seems it didn't work either.  My patience is now running thin.  I must admit that I have gone to the extremes just to push him to study hard, but still, nothing worked effectively.  I've also reminded him that his schoolwork is his job and he does it for the Lord, he will do his best for few days, and will go back to his lazy routine afterwards.  

So, my question is...what's wrong with our homeschooling right now?

Honestly, I still don't know the answer to this question.  I am still finding the 'right formula' so that our homeschooling journey will be always on the smooth and steady track.  

One day, he cried to me that he is having difficulty with his lessons.  He said he doesn't like homeschooling anymore because his lessons are becoming tougher and tougher as he progresses.  I have already suggested to Kib that I'll just enroll him at a regular school next year since he doesn't like homeschooling anymore.  He said he doesn't like to go to a regular school.  He told me that he likes to study in an art school and he would like to study photography as well.  I told him that he cannot enroll at those schools if he didn't finish high school (yes, I know that he can enroll at these classes right now but I'm just telling this so that he will still study the core subjects, hihi).  I just told him to always pray to God to ask for wisdom and guidance so that he would be able to answer his PACES.  I also asked him to ask God for forgiveness since he is not doing his best.

What I liked about Kib is that he has a heart to follow God.  He just needs to be reminded at times so that he will always be on track.  

"Lord, please give me and my son more patience and determination as we continue with our homeschooling journey.  May you continue to guide us and give us wisdom as we both learn from each other.  In Jesus' Name, Amen."

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  1. Hi Donna. Praying for you guys.
    Have you used PACES from the very beginning? In case you want to try out the Weaver curriculum, let me know. :)

    1. Thanks for your prayers! Yes, we have been using PACES eversince. Please let me know more about Weaver Curriculum :)