Kib's Dream Came True at Dreamplay

By Mommy Donna and Kib - November 10, 2015

Every year, we try to go to some place during our birthdays (our birthdays are just five days apart) as our way of celebrating another year in our lives.  Last year, we went to Manila Ocean Park, Myth of the Human Body exhibit, and ate dinner at Movie Stars Cafe.  This year, we went to Dreamplay at City of Dreams Manila.  

Dreamplay is an indoor theme park inspired by Dreamworks' animated movies (Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon, Madagascar, DinoTrux).  It offers a lot of hands-on activities for the children and for those who are child-at-heart.  I have friends who have already been there so I was able to get tips on how I can maximize our time at Dreamplay.  Good thing, Kib's birthday fell on a weekday so there were lesser people.

We stayed at Dreamplay for four hours so that we can really maximize the place.

Below are our photos at Dreamplay.  There are areas that we are not allowed to take pictures inside so we only have photos at the facade of the attraction.

We're almost there!

Kib feels giddy at the main entrance of Dreamplay

The staff of Dreamplay is so kind to take our photo 

Another photo op at the main entrance of Dreamplay

Each person entering Dreamplay will wear this band.  You will tap the band on the blue scanner upon entering a specific attraction.  This also monitors your time inside Dreamplay; in excess of the number of hours, you will pay additional upon exit.

This giant playroom is beside Gingy's Kitchen.  This is what we visited first after signing up at Gingy's Kitchen.

Kib is building his own boat

Now, Kib is testing his boat and Kib paddles so that the boat will move around the course

This play area is inspired by "How to Train Your Dragon"

Kib cooked his own gingerbread cookie!

This is how he decorated his gingerbread cookie

Kib's dragon

Kib's dragon flew!

Kib controlling the ball at DinoTrux attraction

Kib trying out his kung-fu skills.  However, he bailed out on the fourth pole

Again, Kib tried his kung-fu skills here, but as he got on top, he bailed out again, hehehe

Dance session with Po

Kib tried wall climbing too!  Although he got a bit scared when he realized that he's already high, I still give him two thumbs up for trying

This is where the puppet show is being held

Look how clean the restroom is!  There's also a breastfeeding room at Dreamplay

In the evening, we attended an event at Shangri-la Makati. 

Kib posing with Ms. Patti Grandidge during the Physiogel event at Shangri-la Makati

It was a long day for me and Kib.  Kib got dead-tired but he was happy during his birthday celebration.  May you grow up as a God-fearing individual and may you reach all your dreams in life.  I love you my dear Kib, mwah!

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