Working from Home: Is It For You?

By Mommy Donna and Kib - October 31, 2015

I have been working from home since my son is a year old.  My work at home career is purely accident, it wasn't planned.  My father got terribly sick in 2007 so I have to resign from my job then to attend to my father's medical needs (see related post here).  I have tried working outside our home when my father passed away in 2011 but I didn't give up my homebased job (I work as an ESL online teacher) which I do at night.  I only worked outside our home for a year because my mom will be going to the United States and no one has to look after my son.

I must say that I'm a raketista and curacha, engaging to several jobs trying to maximize my time in one day.  I may schedule several meetings and events during daytime and still teach Japanese nationals online at nighttime.  While I talk with my students, I still send emails and other correspondences online.  I still sometimes remind Kib to do the things that he needs to do before going to sleep (pack away toys, take a bath, brush teeth, study, etc.).  I just mute the mic of my headset when I do that, haha.  Truly, I mastered the art of multitasking, haha.

Presently, I'm doing events management, online teaching, blogging, sometimes VA jobs too :)  

Just like any other profession, working from home is not for everyone.  But then, I do believe that it can be learned if one will put time and effort on becoming one.  

This coming November 14, 2015, Marge Aberasturi, also known as The Happy WAHM, will be holding a re-run of "My VA Success Blueprint" at headquarters at Bonifacio Global City.  Marge has been working from home for nine years now and has always been invited to give talks about virtual assistance.  

Topics for the workshop are the following:

  • Transitioning from Corporate to WAH or SAH to WAH
  • Identifying Your Niche
  • Setting Up Your Work Space (Physical and Virtual)
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Pricing Your Services
  • Marketing Your Business
  • Working with Client
  • Quick tips and real life scenarios 
  • Introduction to Wordpress
There are lots of things to learn to become a successful VA!  Sometimes I do have virtual assistance jobs when I have spare time (I'm busy with my current jobS!).  Working from home needs skills updating, so from time to time, I read online materials to update my current skills.

I do hope I can see you there!  Visit for more details about the event :)  

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