Oh Mama Empanada, The Best Empanada in Town!

By Mommy Donna and Kib - October 20, 2015

I like eating pastry products.  I consider it as a substitute for rice (remember I'm on Balik-Alindog program, haha).  There were days that my son and I will just eat bread the whole day and it's enough for us (though honestly, sometimes my son will get angry at me because he wants to eat 'real food', haha.  Palagi na lang daw kami diet, ahahaha).  

Last September 26th during the Work-At-Home Expo of Manila Workshops, I was able to meet Ms. Trina Tiutan-Cancio, the girl behind Mama Empanada.  If you miss the original taste of Red Ribbon's empanada, fret no more, Mama Empanada will let you experience it once again :)

Mama Empanada's first bazaar experience at Manila Workshops' Work-At-Home Expo last September 26th.  Trina Tiutan-Cancio is the one on the left. (Photo from Mama Empanada's Instagram account)

Here's the story behind Mama Empanada:

It all started three years ago as a hobby to revive the memories of an old family recipe.  Trina Tiutan Cancio initially made her chicken empanada for family and close friends to enjoy—until friends shared them to other friends, and soon word about this classic chicken empanada got around.  One bite of it immediately reminded one of an old  classic childhood treat.  And truth be told, Mama Empanada’s classic chicken has been compared side by side to Red Ribbon’s old empanada, an all-time classic favorite for so many.  Being the granddaughter and daughter of the family who started Red Ribbon, the original version of this recipe has been passed down to three generations of moms finding its way back to its humble beginnings in Trina’s home-based kitchen, where it was redeveloped and improved in preparation for its comeback.

For others who try it for the first time, it is simply the best empanada in town.  The crust has the perfect marriage of crunch and melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Flavours of the dough and the chicken filling wonderfully come together, where the goodness of savoury and sweet each shine through without overwhelming each other. The memories it brings with just one bite have made this classic chicken empanada a comfort food favorite for so many. Trina’s belief holds true: Even in these modern times, there will always be a special place for this classic treat in people’s hearts and bellies.

I so love Mama Empanada's packaging, very classic!  (Photo from Mama Empanada's Instagram account)

This is how the empanadas are arranged inside the box. (Photo from Mama Empanada's Instagram account)

In 2014, entrepreneur and young mother of three Trina Cancio decided to actively pursue Mama Empanada as a small home business out of her kitchen to sell for the holidays. Its success far exceeded her wildest expectation selling over 8,000 pieces in one month. What was initially sold to family and friends now continues to sell year-round beyond the boundaries of where it started.  Many are repeat customers who crave for its hearty filling of chunky chicken and its signature scrumptious golden brown crust. That’s why everybody can’t help but declare that #oneisneverenough.

Look how the empanada looks like from the inside, the crust is thick, not flaky, and full of filling, not airy. (Photo from Mama Empanada's Instagram account)

The classic chicken is Mama Empanada’s mainstay, while other flavors, still under research and development, will be finalized by October 2015.  They are exploring to offer tuna, pork, and beef flavors.

Other flavors under construction (Photo from Mama Empanada's Instagram account)

To order, you may contact Trina at 0915-8633156.  Mama Empanada comes in 8s (Php280) and 12s (P420) packaging.  Presently, orders are for pick-up at Valle Verde 5. Mama Empanada will try to be present on your favorite bazaars, please keep posted on their future events.

Follow Mama Empanada on their social media sites at www.facebook.com/mamaempanada
and @mamaempanada (Instagram).  

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