Learning Plus Bookstore--Homeschoolers' One-Stop Shop

By Mommy Donna and Kib - October 28, 2015

Homeschoolers, like me, are always on the look for the best educational resources for our children.  Homeschoolers can be seen doing shopping at books and toys fair.  Sometimes, they also buy online because not all educational materials are available locally.  Of course, homeschoolers are also looking for value for money stuff. Homeschoolers are not compulsive buyers; they just wanted to buy the best educational materials and references for their children.  

I was blessed to be invited to the Grand Launch of Learning Plus Bookstore at Fun Ranch last October 16, 2015.

People are patiently waiting outside for the unveiling of Learning Plus Bookstore

Rachael Carman, Davis Carman, Michael Donelly, and Edric Mendoza doing the honors of cutting the ribbon

Learning Plus Bookstore is the first and only store for intentional learners conceptualized and operated by homeschoolers, yay!

Welcome to Learning Plus Bookstore!

This store was born out of the desire to provide more than just books and learning materials.  This store is the brainchild of a crazy, far-fetched dream: a dream of promoting a lifestyle of learning by providing educational products and services customized for every learner and to equip and train intentional learners with the relevant knowledge, tools and skills to live out their full potential.

Store hours of Learning Plus Bookstore

The counter

An inspiring wall inside Learning Plus Bookstore

Learning Plus Bookstore has a huge collection of different textbooks, references, school supplies, and educational toys!

Apart from books, Learning Plus Bookstore also sells school 

Kib reads one of the books being sold at Learning Plus Bookstore

More than enough, Learning Plus Bookstore was born from the desire to enact positive change.  This is an answer to the high and lofty call of breathing life into a movement of millions of learners equipped to excel in living out God's purpose for their lives, transforming nations and making an impact for God in the world.

Learning Plus Bookstore is a store where learners, dreamers, trailblazers, and pioneers can arm themselves with the means to give those grand ideas form and give those ideas wings with which to fly with--for the glory of the Living God.

Learning Plus Bookstore's aim is to enable the learners and empower the dreamers.

Visit Learning Plus Bookstore now!  It's truly a dream come true for homeschoolers to have a one-stop shop for educational materials and curriculum :)

Learning Plus Bookstore is at the Ground Floor of Fun Ranch, Frontera Verde, Pasig City.  Store hours is from Tuesday to Saturday at 10AM-6PM.

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  1. Replies
    1. Yes, visit it one of these days! Kids can also read books there :)

  2. Do you think they have a complete BFIAR set there?

    1. Hello there, I don't think they have, I only saw books for gradeschool and highschool students, though there are storybooks/literary books there too

  3. Replies
    1. So cool! Interior design was made by Marilen Faustino :)

  4. I will definitely visit that place. Thanks for posting this.

  5. Cool post, Mommy Donna! Kib looks so cute as always! <3