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By Mommy Donna and Kib - August 10, 2015

We are now living in the digital world.  People are now becoming technology-dependent these days.  Being connected to the Internet is one of the modern conveniences that I really maximize and enjoy.  I do my banking transactions online, pay bills online, work online (teaching English to foreigners), keep in touch with my family and friends online, shop online, among others.  Indeed, there are lot of things that we can do online!

Filipinos are internet and text-savvy individuals.  In the Philippines alone, there are 47 million Internet users.  Online visibility is not only for individuals, but for companies as well.  Among the 1 million registered SMEs in the Philippines, only 1% of it have a website.   When Multiply shut down, online sellers lost hope in selling their merchandise. While the Philippines is routinely celebrated as the social media capital of the world, there are few online tools that enable Filipinos to monetize from these platforms.  Online store creator TackThis! wants to address this problem.

Welcome to the Age of Small Business!  

TackThis! allows everyone, including established retailers, small business owners, and avid bloggers (yes, this is also for bloggers, wee!), to quickly and easily set up an online store.  TackThis! is fueled by Voyager Innovations, the digital arm of PLDT and Smart Communications, Inc.

Welcome to TackThis!  This is what you will see when you visit their website, www.tackthis.com.ph

TackThis! is an end-to-end service--through it you can showcase your products, manage your store inventory, and accept payments through a variety of providers.  This may sound complex to a non-techie, but actually TackThis! is user-friendly!  TackThis! has an easy-to-lean and easy-to-use dashboard.  The dashboard can also provide reports and analytics on the performance of your online store.  

This is what the dashboard looks like.  This is where you manage your online store.

One main feature of TackThis! is that you can 'tack' your online stores on any popular social media sites!  You can post your TackThis! store to Facebook, Tumblr, Wix, Wordpress (self-hosted), Blogger, Live Journal, Strikingly, Weebly, Google Sites and Joomla.  Making TackThis! available in different social media platforms means that an online seller can instantly have a substantial amount of potential customers.  TackThis! made this possible because on each platform, an individual or a company have different audiences.  "Essentially, you're setting up mini-franchises of yourself from the comfort of your keyboard," said Mitch Padua, VP for digital commerce at Voyager Innovations.

The beauty of TackThis! is that it facilitates and optimizes the buying process so that an online seller can effectively sell his/her products.  An online seller on TackThis! can be easily notified about customers' purchases instantly and to keep track of pending and fulfilled orders.  TackThis! makes it easy to convert visitors to customers.  

In addition, TackThis! offers a variety of payment options tailored to the Philippine market (VISA, Mastercard, bank deposits, cash-on-delivery).  "These choices will make it hard for a customer to say 'no' to the product they are really pining for in your online store," says Rebecca Ricalde, AVP for digital commerce at Voyager Innovations.

TackThis! has automated inventory tracking too.  This eliminates bad customer experience as customers will only be available to purchase products that you actually have in stock.  This only means a smoother transaction between the seller and the buyer without worrying of losing potential sales through bad inventory system.  

TackThis! Concierge

While most online businesses find managing their own online shops and websites to be tiring and time-consuming, TackThis! has another feature that registered business can also avail of, the Concierge.  

TackThis! Concierge basic info

The Concierge helps a company or a small business owner to manage online selling on their behalf.  Applying for the Concierge program also minimizes overhead costs and reduces investment risk as well.  Apart from the usual TackThis! features, when an individual or company has applied on the Concierge program, TackThis! can also take care of your product photoshoots and the products will be listed on Takatack.com

Even if online store management is left to the hands of TackThis! team, the business owner still has an access on the dashboard to track his/her business online anytime, anywhere.

Online shopping and managing your online business has never been this easy!

To know more about the Concierge program, you may visit 

For me, TackThis! is really promising.  It can make online store management easy and hassle-free.  I encourage those people who have present online stores to try TackThis! and share to me your experience.  For those who are planning to put up their online stores, explore TackThis!

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