Kib Loves Baby Food!

By Mommy Donna and Kib - August 26, 2015

Yes, that's true.  Kib loves eating baby food even if he is no longer a baby.  You may find it weird but hey, baby food is still FOOD!  

Ahmm...would you find it weirder if I say I also eat baby food?  Of course, I need to taste the food before I give it to my son, haha.

Kidding aside, we were blessed to have the first dibs of tasting the latest baby food that will be introduced in the Philippine market, Milna.

Kib and I during the Milna blogger launch at Stacy's BGC last August 12th.  Bloggers during the event were interviewed about what they love about mommyhood, had a relaxing afternoon by unleashing their creativity on tote bag designing, and a hair blow-dry treat too!  

Milna is one of the brands of Kalbe International, an Indonesian-based company.  Kalbe International is an international marketing company which mainly handles the trading/export transaction of Kalbe Farma's group of business.  Kalbe has representative offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Nigeria.  

Mommy Ginger (the host of the event) together with Kalbe International executives

Milna is a nutritious food for the child during his/her developmental and growing up years to help provide self-fulfillment to the smart, thoughtful mom.  It is recommended by doctors/medical practitioners as it contains all the ingredients needed by the child during his/her period of growth and development.  It has natural ingredients, no chemical additives, and has various flavors to choose from.

A huge array of Milna products soon to be available in Philippine market

Following are the different products of Milna that will be available in Philippine market by September 2015:

  • Milna Baby Biscuit (for six months and up) -- the baby biscuit has a special shape to stimulate the child's teeth growth.  Its shape also helps in the development of child's motor skill (holding).  It is easy to dissolve; the soft porous texture prevents the baby from choking.  The baby biscuit can also be dissolved in water so that it will look like a cereal.  It contains 11 vitamins and 5 minerals suitable for the child's first weaning food.
        Milna Baby Biscuit comes in four flavors: Original, Banana, Orange, and Mixed Fruits.

  • Milna Baby Cereal (for six months and up) -- this is the kind of baby food that most mommies know of.  What makes Milna special is because of its innovative flavor and texture (complete meal with viand and rice).  It contains 12 vitamins and 8 minerals, AA-DHA, Protein, Iron and Calcium which can be used as a complementary nutrition to help support the child's growth and development.
        Milna Baby Cereal comes in two types with two flavors each: for six months and up 
        (beef and green peas flavor and brown rice and banana flavor) and for nine months
        and up (beef stew and green peas flavor and chicken soup and sweet corn flavor).

  • Milna Toddler Instant Pudding (for 12 months and up) -- this food is fun to prepare together with your toddler!  Just put this in a molder, chill it for few minutes and voila! Your kid will have fun eating these especially if you decorate with with candy sprinkles, fruits, marshmallows -- just anything that will make this food pleasing to the eyes of your little one!  It has inulin to maintain healthy digestive system, calcium to support bones and teeth development, and 10 vitamins to help in the growth and development of your child.  
         It comes in two different flavors, strawberry and chocolate.

Looks yummy!  Thank you Mommy Roxi for letting me use your photo for my blog!  You can really do a lot of things with Milna Toddler Pudding!

Kib and I both tasted all Milna products, and yes, we loved it!  We eat the baby biscuits as our snacks (they can be really heavy on the tummy, so two pieces of biscuits are good for me), my son ate the cereal (I tasted it too, they really taste like adult food), and my son had wonderful time preparing the pudding (too bad I wasn't able to taste it because my son loved it so much that he forgot to share it with me, haha).

And oh, you can also create new baby food using Milna!  You can check out this link for some ideas:

It's no fuss for us that we eat baby food at times as long as we both enjoy the food and the activities that we do together.  #LoveMommyhood

Watch out these products on grocery shelves very, very soon!

SRP of Milna Baby Biscuits and Cereal is Php55 and the Toddler Pudding at Php65.  Follow Milna Philippines on Facebook (Milna Philippines), Twitter (@MilnaPH) and at Instagram (@milnaphilippines) to know more about their products.

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