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By Mommy Donna and Kib - August 05, 2015

Since I sucked at writing when I was young, I wanted my son to be skilled in writing.  That's why as soon as he learned writing and reading, I've been always encouraging him to write.  He would write stories, letters, and just anything that he thinks at the moment.  His handwriting may not be a calligraphy-worthy one, but for me what matters most is the content.  Don't worry, I've been reminding him to write legibly too :)

Anyway, it's really part of my plan to introduce him to the world of blogging.  I wanted him to blog too as his way of expressing his thoughts about the things around him.  

Now that I'm already teaching him the basics of computer, the next thing that I would like him to learn is word processing so that I can already teach him how to blog.

I was more determined to teach him how to blog when a PR representative encouraged me to let my son have his own blog.

When I got home, I gave my son a notebook where he can first compose his blogposts before typing it on the computer.  I encouraged him to write a long composition by introducing himself.  He was so eager to use the computer in typing his first blog entry and he kept on asking me if it is his turn because I'm setting it up for him.

Drafting his blog on the notebook that I gave him

He was so excited to type his blog entry.  At first he is doing the tuldok system in typing.  I told him to use both his hands and all of his fingers in typing.  

And he's now ready to transfer his draft to the website!

When he finished his first blog entry, I checked his grammar and punctuation.  I added photos on his first blog.  His blog is now live!

Tada!  Here's his first blog!  You may check his first blog entry at

I am so happy that my son is practicing his writing skills through blogging.  I told my son that he should also write something about the events that we go to, haha.  When Kib is already used to blogging, I guess the next thing that we should learn together is basic programming/coding.

It's really fun to do things together!

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