Exploreum: Another Learning Experience

By Mommy Donna and Kib - August 14, 2015

I like going on field trips.  Going on a field trip is a way for us to learn beyond books.  It can also be experiential and hands-on.  I have posted some of our field trips before (see earlier posts), and the latest that we had been to was in Exploreum in SM Mall of Asia.

SM Mall of Asia is quite a distance for us, so I make sure that my trip outside home is worthwhile.  We went to church at 11 a.m., and after that we already went straight to SM Mall of Asia to meet my balikbayan aunt to get our pasalubong.  They are also in SM Mall of Asia to watch One Direction concert.  

Kib and my American cousin making faces at the camera

My tita's family is going to watch One Direction concert!  They've come prepared for the concert, look they even have fan shirts printed!

Since it's still early and I also wanted to treat my other balikbayan aunt for some sightseeing, we all agreed to go to Exploreum.  I thought of removing Exploreum from our bucket list since Kib and I had already been to Philippine Science Centrum and Mind Museum.  My homeschooling friends recommended Exploreum so I promised to myself that we will go there someday.

As you enter Exploreum, you will be greeted by a hologram of planet Earth.  

The holographic image of planet Earth at the main entrance of Exploreum

Exploreum is an interactive science museum.  You can see, feel, and hear all the exhibits there.  Even adults can enjoy looking and testing all the displays there.  There are also lots of trivia posted all over the place for people to read and learn.  There are some exhibits there that my son and I have already experienced from Philippine Science Centrum and Mind Museum but still, we enjoyed everything inside Exploreum.  Even my balikbayan tita enjoyed our Exploreum trip.  She also learned a lot.  I felt that I got my money's worth at Exploreum.

Below are some of our pictures at Exploreum:

Camouflage! Just like Peeta Mellark of Hunger Games

Inside the dome theater while waiting for the show to start.  Picture taking is prohibited during the show.

Kib learning the circulatory sytem

One of the trivia that you can read all around Exploreum

Kib the weather man

Kib trying out the plane simulation

Van de Graaf generator!

My tita also enjoying the exhibits inside Exploreum

I would recommend Exploreum to parents with kids who like science and who likes to read.  Exploreum is not ideal for young kids, in my opinion.  Gradeschoolers can enjoy the exhibits at Exploreum more because they are already studying these things in school.  It's a fun way of experiencing science, not only on textbooks but also in real life.

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