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By Mommy Donna and Kib - July 18, 2015

I started driving seven years ago.  I learned how to drive due to necessity (my father got sick and no one will drive for the family for emergency and other purposes).  Yes, driving can be liberating.  I was able to go to places unimaginable (yay I survived Manila traffic and had my bout with crazy drivers on the road!).  My son and I had road trips together.  Whenever I need to go to several places in one day, driving a car saves me time.  Sometimes I still commute, but when I commute I need to be home before rush hour, or else, I'm stuck on the road forever.

Now that the rainy season is here, I really find it convenient to drive a car whenever I go to my destination.  I have a tendency to be lazy to go out on rainy days if I will just commute.  I get soaked in the rain and I feel discomfort on getting in and out of passenger vehicle with a wet umbrella.  I find owning a car more advantageous (at least for me), never mind the maintenance fees and fluctuating gasoline prices, haha.

Typically-shy Pinoys on the lookout for their own brand new car but are uncomfortable to visit dealers or go to banks may visit www.bpiloans.com, a virtual car showroom where people looking for a brand new car can view and compare the vehicles that are available in the market today. The site offers user-friendly, interactive, and convenient features that include a comprehensive car buyer’s guide, a self-service auto loan calculator, a simple online application form, and an easy to use self-assessment test.

BPI Family Auto Loan recognizes the commuting public’s need and consistently steps up at the forefront to “Make the Best Happen!” The bank continuously seeks for innovative ways to make its products and promos relevant, available and accessible for Filipinos in a fast, convenient and affordable way. Through the online site, the bank also provides complete information that allows prospective car buyers make the best decision in choosing the car and financing that best suit their lifestyle, budget, and mobility needs.

Moreover, the comprehensive car buyer’s guide found in the online car-buying site provides access to up-to-date information on all the cars available in the Philippine market, complete with variants, specifications, and prices. The facility also has a function that compares various cars with each other and allows buyers to make the best choice in their car purchase.

Prospective car buyers thinking of the most suitable financing plan for their budget may try out the site’s auto loan calculator, which shows them initial cash-out and monthly amortization that goes with their preferred down payment percentage and loan term. The site also has an online loan application form that clients may fill-up and submit immediately online, making car shopping very simple and effortless. Likewise, loan decision is also fast. Expect to receive the results in just 3 to 8 business hours.

“With the improving economic condition of the Philippines due to its strengthening industries and the government’s initiatives to improve transportation, auto manufacturers have seized the chance to provide more options ranging from high-end to affordable cars that will fit what the market needs. Likewise, BPI Family Auto Loan compliments this progress by providing car financing that is affordable, easily understandable, and highly accessible, for everyone. We are committed to contributing to our country’s progress and helping our countrymen realize their dreams of owning their own car,” shares Pepe Carlos, VP and Head of Auto Loans Division.

It's good that BPI Family Bank made auto loan application very easy and accessible.  People nowadays are always hooked on the Internet, so having this kind of service will make things easier for people to apply for an auto loan.  The online application is another technological innovation.  Good job BPI Family Bank!

For more information on the most affordable and convenient way to own a car, simply log-on to www.bpiloans.com.

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  1. We've been looking at this for some time now. We're praying about it. Our car needs to go and it's really been very inconvenient not having one to use.

  2. Yes, having a car somehow makes our lives easier. Had the mass transportation system been better in the Metro, we don't need to own a car. If ever you have decided to apply for an auto loan, I can hook you up with my friends at BPI Family Bank, let me know if you need assistance =)