Let's Support Habitat for Humanity's Back to School Campaign

By Mommy Donna and Kib - July 29, 2015

As you all know, Kib is homeschooled.  He never set foot on regular school.  Homeschooling is the best option for him since we both have busy schedules.  Added to that, I have tons of reasons why I homeschooled him (check previous blog here).  I still have high respect for families who opt to send their children to school.  After all, not all families are not called to be homeschooled.  Homeschooling is a passion, a calling, a vocation led by God.

Education indeed begins at home.  From the womb, parents are slowly imparting knowledge to their unborn child.  Sadly, there are children who cannot get easy access to decent education because they also lack access to decent home.  

As you know, I am a blogger-partner of Habitat for Humanity Philippines.  This organization is very close to my heart since I had an opportunity to become a volunteer for a day when I was still working in the bank.  From that one-day volunteer work, I appreciated the hard work of building a house.  I thanked God for giving us a house that we can call a home.

Habitat for Humanity Philippines has an ongoing project, the Back-To-School campaign.  This campaign aims to help generate funds in order for Habitat for Humanity Philippines to provide adequate means of living such as a home for families. Children of these families have every right to study in a conducive environment to be able to reach for their hopes and dreams. 

Sadly, access to proper education has recently been hampered due to various socio-economic factors, such as lack of proper healthcare, job opportunities for parents, and notably, adequate housing.

In the Philippines, more than four million families live in unsafe, unsanitary and unhealthy places which they call 'home', hindering the learning environment of the children living in these conditions. In addition, the case of youth offenders has increased the continues to as the Philippine National Police (PNP) found and 18% increase in juvenile crimes reported in 2008.

Charlie Ayco, Managing Director and CEO of Habitat for Humanity Philippines said that children have the right to have a healthy home and neighborhood which provides them a sound learning environment--where learning is easy and cherished.  "If we focus on giving children the decent homes they not only deserve, but have the right to, our future will be prosperous," added Ayco.

School provides our children the knowledge to equip the next generation, but without the environment to foster that knowledge, the are unable to apply these lessons to their lives.

A home is more than just four walls and a roof.  It is where children develop into the best versions of themselves.

Give millions of children the opportunity to improve their lives and support Habitat’s Back-To-School campaign by clicking the "Donate Now" on this link:  http://bit.ly/DonateToHabitat.

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