Via Venetto: A World-class Filipino Shoe Brand

By Mommy Donna and Kib - June 10, 2015

Whenever I buy shoes for myself and for my son, I always look for two things: quality and affordability.  Most of the time I buy shoes during sale period so that I can get my favorite shoe brands at an affordable price.  I'm thankful that my son is homeschooled; I don't need to buy school shoes yearly during the time of the year that school shoes are expensive, haha.

Anyway, I do not always equate quality with foreign shoe brands.  I also buy local shoe brands because I know Filipino shoe brands are of good quality too.  Hey, Filipino shoe brands can be world-class too!

Via Venetto, A Trusted Shoe Brand

Via Venetto’s chic and elegant designs suit women of style.

I must say, Via Venetto is a shoe brand popular amongst working class.  When I was still working at the bank, I also dreamt of having a Via Venetto pair.  I can no longer remember if I owned a Via Venetto shoes or not but whenever I go window-shopping, I always visit Via Venetto.

All the while I thought Via Venetto is an international brand (well, it sounds one, right?!), I just recently discovered that it is a local brand and exporting to United States, Singapore, and France!  The factory is in Marikina.  Despite of the tough competition in the shoe industry--cheap and low-quality shoes being mass-produced in China and other Asian countries--Via Venetto still strongly committed in manufacturing quality shoes.  Via Venetto is indeed a world-class shoe brand.

Via Venetto has already been in the shoe industry since 1973.  Ever since, Via Venetto has enjoyed a strong following among women in style and has an iconic status in the Philippine shoe industry.  Via Venetto is proud to say that they have loyal clients, most of them have grown together with them.  Via Venetto doesn't settle for "puede na" (so-so).  Via Venetto only uses high-quality leather--Italian and European--, which makes it classy and durable.

The 39-step Shoemaking Process, Fatto a Mano

Via Venetto takes pride in a 39-step process of shoemaking by hand (or in Italian, fatto a mano), a practice inspired by some of the world’s most renowned brands and perfected by the company for over four decades.

Crafting shoes at the Via Venetto factory in Marikina begins with the conceptualization of a shoe design, as well as its translation into a working pattern. This is followed by the cutting, preparation, and closing of the upper, during which the leather is cut by hand or a machine, folded, and sewn together.

Crafting shoes at Via Venetto begins with a shoe design and its translation into a pattern.

The shoemaker will then prepare the counter, outsole, insole, heel, and toplift, which are skived (cut into thin layers), buffed (smoothed), pressed, cemented, and nailed, before they are placed inside shoe lasts or wooden molds. After the lasting comes the attachment of the sole and heel.

The world-class brand takes pride in a four decade-old tradition of shoemaking by hand.

Finally, the shoes undergo buffing, painting, polishing and cleaning, to the shoe tree for quality control, and are placed in boxes for distribution to stores, where they are sure to be ogled, touched and tried on by enthusiastic customers.

Each pair of Via Venetto shoes is the result of a painstaking 39-step process of shoemaking by hand, or in Italian, fatto a mano.

Via Venetto's New Look

Via Venetto has since launched new shoe collections that are set to catch the eye of the younger set. Now gracing their racks at Greenbelt, Glorietta, Ayala Town Center, SM Megamall, and Trinoma are ballerina flats and loafers in a variety of shades, as well as platforms, classic pumps, sandals, slingbacks, wedges, and mules with trendy woven, in glittery leathers, snakeskin, patent and new fashion finishes.

These handmade beige Santanina sandals are crafted using fine Italian and European leathers.

Via Venetto’s stylish black Johanna mules are made of stunning kidskin leather.

While they now sport a contemporary look, somehow the shoes still embody Via Venetto’s distinct aesthetic: made of fine Italian and European leathers, classy, and durable. After all, behind each pair is the brand’s 40 year-tradition of shoemaking.

Know more about Via Venetto at their Facebook page and their website at

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