Raising a God-fearing Child

By Mommy Donna and Kib - June 22, 2015

Sad to say, modern technology and changing lifestyle somehow made people to have a distant relationship with God.  I must also admit I was one of them.  There's a time in my life that I made my work as an excuse not to attend worship services.  Just plain and simple, I lost enthusiasm in attending regular Sunday service.  Maybe because no one is really encouraging me to go to church every Sunday.  If I do attend, I'm always late and don't pay attention to the message.  I'm just one of the so-called 'Sunday Christian'.  Sometimes, I'd rather sleep and relax or go out with my son than going to church on Sundays.  

Last year, I suddenly realized that my son is growing up without the fear and knowledge of God.  Yes, he is using Bible-based materials in his homeschooling, but I suddenly felt he lack fellowship with kids in church.  I encourage him to attend Sunday School but he always goes back to me in the main church, I wonder why.

A friend of mine encouraged me to attend another Christian community since we always wake up late.  This Christian community has six services (9am, 11am, and starting at 1pm, there are two services happening simultaneously until 7pm).  At first, my son and I both attend the main service.  After few weeks, I asked my son if he likes to attend the worship service for kids.  He immediately said yes.  After I fetched him at the Kids Church, I asked him if he likes to attend again next week.  With glee, he said yes to me again.

Kib would always look forward to attending worship service on a regular basis, and I guess he's also very active.  His teachers would always greet him after service.  I would also ask him what they have discussed during the kids worship service.  Later on, he would bring a notebook so he can take down notes.

Kib interacting with the teacher-volunteers of Kids Church

My renewed faith in the Lord made me go back being active in His ministry.  This year, I signed up for Administrative Services Ministry (ASM).  ASM is in charge of registration for events.  Whenever I have a Sunday duty, I ask the head of Kids Church if it is okay for Kib to stay longer.  Since they discourage kids attending double service, they just let Kib assist in the Junior Kids Church.  Kib enjoys it so much, however, there are times that he forgets that he is a 'teacher'.  He is sometimes playful.  He needs to be reminded at times.

Kib doing his volunteer job at Junior Kids Church

Kib also joins a Bible Study group.  His schedule is the same as my Bible Study group.  His leader is very diligent in texting me about their schedule.  Kib is also looking forward to meeting his groupmates.

Kib having a One2One session with his Victory Group leader

At home, Kib is diligently doing his devotions.  He would even tell me some things that he had learned from his devotions.

Before I forget, he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior last October 19th, 2014!  My heart was jumping in joy during that time.

Kib in the act of accepting Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior

Now, he is being tested for his obedience and honesty.  There are times that he fail at these areas but what I'm most proud of is that he always asks forgiveness to the Lord.  

Kib is indeed a work in progress.  He is growing spiritually everyday.  May the good Lord continue to bless him and may Kib continue to be of service to the Lord.

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