1, 2, 3, 4...Hi5! Hi5 Philippines now on TV5

By Mommy Donna and Kib - June 12, 2015

When I was young, I watched Batibot and Sesame Street.  I knew all the characters and the songs from these shows.  Now that I'm already an adult, sometimes I do walk down memory lane and reminisce those times that I sing the songs and the episodes that I really like the most.  

Today's generation is now into Hi-5.  My son is a Hi-5 fan.  When he was younger, we will both watch Hi-5 and my son will dance together with the cast.  He can feel the connection with the Hi-5 cast members because there are also other kids singing and dancing on the show.  Personally, I like the show because it shows cultural diversity and yes, it's pure fun and entertainment for kids.  Hi-5 fans know that two of the former Hi-5 cast members has Filipino blood, yay!  They're Kathleen de Leon Jones, one of the original cast of Hi-5 and Fely Irvine, who joined Hi-5 in 2009 until 2011.

Hi-5 originated in Australia.  Launched in 1999, Hi-5 rapidly grew in popularity over the years.  It has won three Logie Awards for Most Outstanding Children's Program, five ARIA Awards for Best Children's Album and five Australian DVD and Video Industry Awards, among other achievements.  It was then that Hi-5 started expanding its reach by franchising the show across North America, Europe, Australasia, Latin America, and Asia.

Hi-5 Philippines on TV5

A more exciting and fun-filled learning experience awaits kids and their parents as TV5 launches Hi-5 Philippines, a local version of the award-winning Australian children's edutainment program.  Starting June 15th, we will be seeing Hi-5 Philippines everyday from Monday-Friday at 8:30a.m. and 3:45p.m.  The show will feature an all-Filipino cast, a first for the series franchise in Asia.  The all-Filipino cast is for the localization of the show in Asia.  

Kids are anxiously waiting for the Hi-5 Philippines cast.  Can you see Kib? He's wearing aqua blue shirt on the left.

The audition for the Hi-5 Philippines cast was very intensive.  All those who auditioned for the role were tested in their singing, dancing, and acting skills until the committee was able to choose the five members of the Hi-5 Philippines.  The cast were introduced to the media last Thursday, June 11th.

My son and I feel blessed to be part of this historical event.

The Hi-5 Philippines cast of Gerard Pagunsan, Aira Binas, Rissey Reyes, Alex Reyes, and Fred Lo are set to bring a Hi-5 House Party in every household as they interact with kids in both English and Filipino, inviting the young audience to sing and dance along to the show's iconic songs and lessons.

Kib posing with the Hi-5 Philippines cast during the media launch. (L-R: Aira Binas, Fred Lo, Rissey Reyes, Gerard Pagunsan, and Alex Reyes)

The dynamic new quintet all boast of extensive backgrounds in performing arts and will now channel that energy to engage kids in music, imaginative play, social interaction, and developmental growth in a fun way.

During the media launch, we were able to see how they interact with children and we were also given a sneak preview of what to see on the first few episodes of Hi-5 Philippines.  They even sang live!  I am so impressed how their voices blend together and they never get tired of singing and dancing at the same time while maintaining their jolly disposition in front of the kids.  

Hi-5 Philippines cast interacting with the children and parents in the studio

Hi-5 Philippines cast singing and dancing live!

During the L-O-V-E song.  Look at Kib, he is also dancing to the groove!

A sneak preview of what to expect on Hi-5 Philippines, this is the storytelling portion

Jane Basas, Media 5 Corporation President said, "We are proud to partner with Hi-5 World in introducing to millions of Filipino kids a local version of this highly interactive edutainment show.  We are up to the challenge of producing the show that is at par with global standards."  Bringing Hi-5 to local channel (TV 5) will reach more Filipino kids which is really a good news for us because original Hi-5 show is only available on Nickelodeon (cable channel).

Ms. Jane Basas telling us about what to expect on Hi-5 Philippines.  Indeed, everybody is excited about this new show!

Fely Irvine was also present during the media launch.  She shared her past experiences on being a Hi-5 member and she's also excited about the airing of Hi-5 Philippines.

Fely Irvine greeting everyone on the studio and sharing her own experiences being a former Hi-5 cast member.

Before the airing of Hi-5 Philippines on Monday, there will be a meet and greet of the cast happening tomorrow at SM Megamall Atrium at 1pm.  Fely Irvine will also be at the event.

Know the Hi-5 Philippines cast tomorrow!

So, are you ready to dance to the groove and learn valuable life lessons? 1, 2, 3, 4....Hi-5 Philippines!

We had fun!  Hope you'll have fun watching them too!

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