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By Mommy Donna and Kib - May 18, 2015

One thing that I learned in parenting is not to set aside your own aesthetics. Even if rarely go out of the house, I make sure that I still look fresh and presentable whenever I have a meeting outside or just simply do some errands.  When I accompany my son to his auditions, I really make an effort to freshen up.  Ayokong mapagkamalan akong yaya ng sarili kong anak, haha. 

This is me

I don't put make-up on a daily basis too since I'm just working from home.  Whenever I go out, I make sure that I put some blush and lipstick (and sometimes lip gloss) so that I will look fresh.  Sometimes I also do also put nail polish when I'm in the mood to prettify my nails.  Currently, I am into balik-alindog project (see my post here) and doing shopping for new clothes whenever there's a budget (waah, I'm a self-confessed shopaholic!).   

Prettified my nails last December as a Christmas treat for myself (see related post here)

Kidding aside, since I am not into make-up, I only buy not-so expensive make-up brands.  Actually, most of the time, it's just a gift for me from the United States, haha.  You guess it right, most of the make-up brands that I use are US brands--the likes of Revlon, Maybelline, and Wet n Wild.  The US brands I mentioned can be bought in leading department stores nationwide. Wet n Wild makeup is available online through:

I really like natural make-up hues.  My mom gave me a pink lipstick but whenever I use it,  I mix it with brown lip balm.  I feel like a teenager when I just wear pink lipstick, haha.  Sometimes, a colored lip gloss also does the trick.  I like pink blush though because it makes me look like tisay, lol.  My all-time favorite cheek-upper is Bench's Pretty When Pinched.  Sometimes I put BB cream on my face, but most of the time, I just put loose face powder.  

I used to wear heeled shoes, but since I got pregnant, I rarely wear heeled shoes.  I can no longer stand or walk for long hours wearing heeled shoes.  Most of the time I just wear flats.  Currently, my favorites are Crocs ballet flats and Jelly Bunny flats.  Apart from wearing flats, if I'm just doing grocery shopping or errands, I just wear slippers.  I always have slippers in my car just in case my feet are already tired from walking. 

Two of my favorite Crocs footwear, bought it during Crocs sale

The hearts all over the shoes made me fell in love with the design of this Jelly Bunny ballet flats

I am just also a t-shirt girl.  I guess, I have to change my clothing preferences since I'm too lazy to iron clothes, haha.  When I still single, I have tons of button-down blouses that I bought from Kamiseta and Bayo.  Now, I like wearing cotton shirts most of the time, I don't invest so much on smart casual clothes anymore.  Well, I have few on my closet just in case there is a need to attend an event that requires me to look casual.  I like wearing shorts; I'm proud to show-off my well-toned legs, hihi.  I have jeans in my closet too, don't worry, haha.  My current favorite clothing brands are Mango, Uniqlo, H&M, Old Navy, Folded and Hung, and Forever 21.  I still buy at tiangge.  I like shopping at Greenhills.

My usual get-up.  Never mind the dates, it's for my #balik-alindog project, haha

I like wearing accessories.  I like wearing my two favorite rings whenever I go out.  Even if watches are already out of style--so they say because of smartphones--, I still like wearing one whenever I go out.  I sometimes wear bracelets or bangles too.  Earrings are a must for me too, either a set of stud earrings or dangling earrings.  Sometimes I wear necklace too.

Oh, I almost forgot about bags.  When I was still single, I can manage to bring a small bag, but now that I have a child, my bags are always big, enough to carry my wallet, loose powder, coin purse, mobile phone, extra shopping bags, toiletry kit (alcohol, tissue, wet wipes, comb), utility knife (yes, I carry one, for emergency purposes), and pen.  I need extra space for my bag for other whatevers, haha.  My friends will always tease me, "May bato ba sa bag mo?"  Lol.

My current favorite bag given by my brother

Anyway, it's me.  I am just a simple person with a little hint of kakikayan.  Just like what the saying goes, "Nasa nagdadala yan."

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