Pampers' Online App for Baby's Wonder Journey of Firsts

By Mommy Donna and Kib - May 07, 2015

Mommies--and even daddies--love flooding their own Facebook accounts with photos and videos of their children.  I am also guilty of this, haha.  Some might say you are violating your child's privacy in posting photos of your child, but hey, I guess parents are just proud of their children to tell the Facebook community how cute and adorable and smart their kids are.  

It was during the era of Friendster when my son was born.  At that time, I only posted few baby photos of my son.  But whenever I go out, I always bring my digicam with me and proudly show my son's photos saved there.  I am proud to say that I was able to document everything, from his delivery day (I asked the nurse if it's okay to take delivery pictures and she said yes, so I asked the nurse to get the digicam from my mom who's waiting outside the delivery room, haha) until the present day.  He has thousands of pictures all saved on my portable drive; however, I really need to spare a budget for the printing of my son's photos.  

It's a joy for every parents to witness each milestone of their baby.  From the very first time they held their babies in their arms to their babies' first laugh and first crawl, parents for sure know that every single milestone is truly precious and worth sharing to the rest of the world.

Pampers, the world's leading diaper brand, has recently launched a digital scrapbook made for both moms and babies.  FirstBook, an online Facebook app that allows moms to create and preserve a visual journey of all baby's developmental milestones.  After posting the baby's 12 first milestones on Facebook, moms can also publish their very own FirstBook movie, a personalized video of all baby's firsts.

Pampers recently launched a digital scrapbook made for both moms and, an online Facebook app that allows moms to create and share baby's many first milestones

The app was recently launched during the introduction of Pampers Baby Dry (see previous blog).  Pampers Baby Dry is the best and driest diaper in 10 years.  It features new core technology to deliver a thinner and drier diaper; a Soft Touch-Dry Layer which quickly absorbs wetness to keep it away from baby's skin and Magic Gel which locks in wetness for up to 12 hours of skin dryness, so babies can enjoy continuous sleep to help them achieve their many firsts in life.

Andi Manzano, Pampers' newest brand ambassador said that Pampers FirstBook is truly a great gift for mommies.  Andi has already shared some photos of her newborn baby Pilar Olivia (Andi gave birth few days after the launch of Pampers Baby Dry).  "With this newest online app from Pampers, we can greet each morning with smiles on our faces and celebrate our journey of firsts with our precious ones," she added.

Friends and family, create your own FirstBook now!  It is both available in PC and mobile versions, just go to and post the first 12 milestones of your child.  This app is not only for new parents, even parents with older kids can still use this app.  I have created an account already but I haven't posted any milestone photos of Kib, haha.  I still have to scour through my digital albums for all of Kib's milestones.  

Kib's First Book.  Still a work in progress

Great news!  For those who will share their baby's FirstBook movie from now until June 2015, Pampers has a special treat for you!  Just upload the video will the official hashtag #FirstsWithPampers and stand a chance to win one (1) year's worth of all-new Pampers Baby Dry!  

This is how the cover of the First Movie will look like

I can't wait to see your FirstBook, share it with me, okay?!

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