Kib's 2015 Summer Adventures

By Mommy Donna and Kib - May 25, 2015

Last year, Kib had a busy summer.  He attended theater acting workshop, singing and dancing workshops, and McDonald's Kiddie Crew workshop (see blog here).  This year, I wasn't really able to plan his summer activities, but I really promised to him that he will have something to get busy about apart from our regular routine of attending events, doing household chores, and homeschooling (yes, we do study all year long!).

From Kib's overall assessment at BrainFit Studio early this year, it was revealed that Kib needs to be involved in sports, particularly ball sports.  I was already thinking of a basketball activity for this kid this year but I wasn't really able to find time to inquire about it.  

Anyway, I remembered that there are swimming lessons held at our village clubhouse every year.  I inquired last year about it, but since Kib had a very jampacked schedule, I've put aside my plan of enrolling Kib.  This year, I really made an effort to go to our village clubhouse to inquire about it, anyway it's just a walking distance from our house, haha.  Good thing there's a tarpaulin about the swimming lessons displayed just outside the clubhouse. 

Kib and I woke up very early the following day to inquire about swimming lessons.  I wanted Kib to observe how a swimming lesson is being conducted.  When Kib saw kids smaller than him learning how to swim, he really got excited.  So without second thoughts, I signed up and paid for the lessons.

That afternoon I went to Taytay to buy him a new set of swimming attire (it's so cheap for only P150 for the whole set, rashguard and swimming trunks). I told Kib to wake up early for his swimming class the following day (his schedule is 8-9 a.m.) so he set his alarm clock at 7 a.m.

Prior to his formal swimming lessons, I've taught Kib to be confident in water.  I brought him flotation devices to help him to be comfortable in water.  I will bring him to the deep part of the pool and we dip underwater for few seconds.  He will sometimes cry but I assured him I will not let him go.  I guess letting him wear arm floaters too really helped him to be fully confident in water.  He will sometimes jump in the deep part of the pool because he knows that he won't sink.  

Apart from building confidence, I've taught Kib super duper basic strokes in swimming.  I had formal swimming lessons way back in highschool but maybe because I felt I'm already too old for that (my classmates were younger than me haha), I never learned that much.  He was so proud to tell his lola that he can already swim without floaters.

To give Kib an idea how a swimming lesson is being conducted, I let him observe one swimming class before I enrolled him.  I paid in full and in the afternoon I bought him a new set of swimwear (it's so cheap in Taytay!).  I told him to wake up early for his swimming lessons (swimming lessons are from 8-9 a.m.) so he set his alarm clock at 7 a.m. 

On Kib's first day of swimming lessons, he was grouped with inexperienced kids.  But since the coach has seen confidence and Kib was also able to immediately grasp the basic techniques, he was 'promoted' to the upper class the following day.  I am so happy with Kib's determination to learn swimming!

Ready to swim!

Doing some stretching exercise before dipping in the pool

Bubbles!  Breathing exercise in the water

Leg exercises to strengthen leg muscles

Water break!

Practicing arm pulling

On his second day, he was the smallest in the upper group, but he was very confident.  The children will swim from the deep part of the pool going to the shallow part of the pool.  I've never seen Kib being afraid to step down on the deep part of the pool.  

Ready to swim, just waiting for the coach's prompt

Since day one, the coach always train children to do threading on the pool.  I am so happy that I've never seen any hint of scaredness when the coach let him thread on the deep part of the pool for few seconds.  The coach was also impressed by Kib's eagerness to learn.

Practicing threading.  On his first few days of threading, Kib was practicing near the gutter or his coach, but on his eighth day, he was already almost a meter apart

Being the playful and talkative kid, sometimes Kib would talk while crossing the pool, haha.  What worried me a bit was his playfulness during swimming class.  Some parents might misunderstood Kib so I always remind Kib not to be too playful because other parents are watching.

For the duration of Kib's swimming lessons (10 consecutive days except Sunday), Kib was able to do basic freestyle strokes.  He still has confusion in doing freestyle without the kickboard, but with constant practice, for sure Kib will perfect the stroke.  The coach can also see Kib's readiness to learn other strokes, so I was planning to enroll him again in June for his regular swimming lessons which will also serve as his P.E.  

Kib doing a freestyle with the aid of kickboard.  Hopefully Kib will do freestyle without kickboard next time

Last Sunday, May 17th, my friend and I decided to go swimming together with our kids.  It was a long overdue get-together.  I was able to test Kib's swimming abilities and I was so happy that he never showed any signs of fear as we swim on the deep part of the pool!

Look!  Kib swimming on his own at the deep part of the pool!

Kib really tries to do his best in everything he does!  I am so proud of this boy!  Who says homeschoolers don't have the determination to succeed?

For those who are living in Metro East area (Taytay, Cainta, Pasig, Angono, etc.) and are interested in attending swimming lessons of Coach Phoebe and Coach Myrlin,you may text or call them at 0935-1152785 / 0935-8301991.  Starting June, swimming lessons will be held at our village clubhouse every Saturday at 7-8 a.m. and 8-9 a.m. for only P2,500 for 10 sessions.

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