Jadan Kib's Beauty Salon: My Son's Treat on Mother's Day

By Mommy Donna and Kib - May 11, 2015

When there's a special occasion in our lives, I really wanted to do something special on that day.  Last year's Mother's Day, we went to Balik-Bukid fair at Sta. Elena Fun Farm.  It was a wonderful experience for us as we breathe fresh air and played with different farm animals.  This year, I can say that I was blessed to attend several mommy-blogger events but then I was still thinking something special to do.  I am already tired of the usual eating at a posh restaurant, shopping, and window shopping; I just wanted this day to be special.

I was asking my son what he will give me on Mother's Day.  He said he doesn't have money but he said that he will choose something for me and I will pay for it, haha.  My son asked me what do I want to buy but since I am not really in the shopping mood yesterday, we just went straight home after church.  I just bought a small hair dryer for myself.

While eating dinner at home (we just had very simple dinner, sandwich and milkshake and other leftovers, haha), my son said, "Mommy, let's play parlor-parlor, you will be my customer, no need to pay, it's Mother's Day promo."  I was so delighted with the idea!

After dinner, I immediate took a bath but he doesn't want me to get out of the bathroom yet as he was 'preparing' his salon.  It took few more minutes before he allowed me to get out of the bathroom.  The 'salon' was still closed when I got out of the bathroom and he asked me to dress up in the other bedroom.  

Jadan Kib's Be(a)uty Salon

Mother's Day Promo 4 Free!

It was indeed a good role-playing as he welcomed me to his salon.  The materials needed for the pampering session were all laid down on the bed accordingly.  I can feel his excitement about our role-playing game that he really acted like the salon owner, explaining me things about his salon in his broken Filipino accent and even apologizing to me for several times because he felt he was so clumsy ("First time ko po, pasensya na").

Welcome to Jadan Kib's Salon!

The materials needed for free services today

He gave me a hair blow-dry, basic mani (using the nail kit I bought at Aqua Mineral), basic facial (using the facial cleanser and toner from Aqua Mineral), and body massage.  After the salon services I received from him, he told me to go out of the room para kunwari aalis na ako ng salon.  

Untangling my hair


Hair ironing

Basic facial

Buffing my nails

Putting lotion on my feet

Full body massage

Indeed, he really knows how to make me happy.  

I feel lucky and blessed to have a son like Kib.  There may be times that we also have our own issues, but towards the end of the day, everything has been forgotten and learned something about it.  My son is indeed my priceless treasure, truly a gift of God.  Our family set-up may be unique, but with the grace of God, we were able to live fully on a daily basis and able to enjoy life at its fullest.

For mommies out there, how did your kid surprise you this Mother's Day?

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