Home Improvement 101

By Mommy Donna and Kib - May 20, 2015

Recently, my son and I did some home improvement project, particularly repainting our gate.

My uncle noticed some rust formation on our gate, so he told me to get someone to do the painting job and gave me money to buy the materials needed.  Since I do not have much budget in hiring people to do the job, I just thought of making this activity to be a bonding activity with my son.  Since my son does not have father figure at home, I am somehow obliged to expose him to some 'manly' activities and as part of his life skills learning.  Sometimes we do wash our car together.

I went to Wilcon to buy the materials we needed for this job.  I bought two paint colors (ivory and emerald green), three paint brushes of different sizes, paint thinner, sandpaper, and rust converter.  

Before we can have the actual painting job, I brushed some parts of our gate with rust converter.  This will remove the existing rust from our gate.  I let it rest for 48 hours just to be sure that there will be no more rust.  Next thing we did was to clean our gate with soap and water.  We scrubbed the gate to remove the grime that were stuck on the curves and corners.  

Me scrubbing the gate

Now that the gate is already clean, we already started the painting!  It was messy indeed, even if we put paper below the gate, there are still paint drops on our garage.  Our hands are full of paint too!  My son always washes his hands because he feels icky about the sight of paint on his hands. He even wiped his hands on his white shirt, awww!

On the following days, we already learned the proper way of protecting ourselves from paint splatter.  We wore dark, long-sleeved shirts and dark pants so that the paint splatter on our clothes will not be noticeable.  We only paint 1-2 hours in the morning and 1-2 hours in the afternoon.  It's scorching heat outside and I still have other mommy duties at home so we really cannot put much time on painting our gate.

We are now almost finish with our gate painting but I have to put the job aside first.  Why?  Because I became busy with other stuff.  Also, the weather became so hot that my and I were too lazy to do things outside our home.  Hopefully we can finish it by the end of May.

It's fun to do some home projects!  How about you, what home projects do you do together with your child/children?

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  1. Hmmmm, none so far, since we are renting out. But, the kids help me everytime I fix the cupboards and bedrooms, especially, their drawers and cabinets! :) I must admit, it is exciting and great bonding activity with kids!

    1. This will also teach our children to be independent =)