On Keeping Baby’s Bum-bums Dry and Rash-free

By Mommy Donna and Kib - April 10, 2015

When Kib was still a baby, 99.9% of his babyhood depended on disposable diapers.  I only tried cloth diapering for just a day.  Honestly, I do not have the patience to constantly change nappies that is why I opted for a disposable one; also to lessen the daily laundry (it’s my mom who does the laundry at home, hehe).

I have tried several brands, but one thing that I can honestly say that I never tried generic diapers bought in wet and dry markets.  I am scared that these generic disposable diapers are not well-handled that there are already bacteria in it; thus, might hurt my son’s gentle and sensitive skin. 

I also have two sets of disposable diapers: one for daytime use and one for overnight use.  I do not like waking up in the evening just to change Kib’s wet and full diapers. 

I am so happy to learn that Pampers recently launched a new line of disposable diapers which can both cater to morning and evening needs of babies and toddlers.  Too bad Kib is already way past diapering stage, haha.

Last March 18, 2015, Pampers launched their newest line of disposable diapers, Baby Dry.  I am so glad that they still invited me even if Kib is no longer wearing diapers.  Pampers has been in the industry for so long that it already became a household name (just like Colgate for toothpaste, Xerox for photocopier, etc.). 

Once a Pampers baby, always a Pampers baby

Pampers all throughout the years

Kib posing with Andi Manzano, Pampers newest brand ambassador.  Days after the event she gave birth to a healthy baby girl

Pampers Baby Dry is the best and driest in 10 years, which can provide up to 12 hours of skin dryness.  No more waking up in wee hours just to change nappies, so moms can feel assured that their baby gets a good night’s sleep he/she needs for a morning full of firsts and development. 

Pampers come in five (5) different sizes.  The picture above is for newborns (up to 5kg). 

Studies have shown that babies who sleep better are happier and more sociable in the mornings.  They also appear more positive about interacting and concentrating, and are more alert, playful and friendly with those around them.  These moments are important for baby’s social and cognitive development as well ass providing an ideal bonding time for babies and moms.  While there are several factors which may affect a baby’s sleep, wetness and hunger have been suggested as the two most common reasons for baby waking up at night.

Here are the features and benefits of new Pampers Baby Dry:

·      Soft Touch Dry Layer – quickly absorbs wetness to keep it away from baby’s skin
·      Magic Gel – helps to absorb and lock in up to 7 wettings, from night until morning
·      Stretchy Tapes – provide a superior fit and comfort, especially overnight
·      All Around Breathability – with micro holes that prevent stuffiness to increase comfort and avoid skin irritation
·      Fun Designs – in vibrant, teal colored packaging make changing time a lot more fun

We did the Pampers test during the event and I really can’t believe my eyes that Pampers can quickly absorb wetness!  All the things mentioned above are real!  No camera tricks or whatsoever!

Ready to take the test! 

Mommy Roxi Santiago pouring the same amount of liquid on both diapers to test absorbency

Mommy Roxi pressing tissue on top of each diaper to test dryness

See how dry Pampers is (the one on top)

It's now my turn to test the stretchy tapes of Pampers

Look how amazed am I while stretching both diapers (Pampers in front and Brand X on the background)

The tapes of Brand X broke so I'm holding the rest of the diaper

We were also given a Pampers test kit to also try the same experiment at home.  My son and I did the experiment at home and still, we got the same results!

Here's the Pampers test kit given to us during the event

Ready to take the Pampers test!

Kib pouring the liquid on both diapers (Pampers is on the right)

Kib testing the dryness and quick absorbency of both diapers

To further test the dryness, the two mini stuffed toys 

Look at the bum-bums of both bears, both are actually dry, but absorbency-wise, Pampers absorbed the liquid faster than Brand X

The stretch test.  We weren't able to stretch fully because I'm stronger than Kib

Together with the new diaper launch, Pampers also unveils a new online application, Pampers First Book, which allows Filipino parents to record their babies’ important first moments and share with their family and friends.

Jan Ang, country marketing manager of P&G Distributing (Phils.) said, “Just like every new day is different, every baby’s first is unique too.”

As simple as logging journal entries, uploading images and videos, Pampers First Book goes on this journey of development with parents from baby’s first overnight sleep to his/her first few steps.  Pampers not only enables baby a good night’s sleep that leads to another day of firsts, but also helps parents remember, celebrate, and share milestones with family and friends.

The first 12 accomplishments uploaded by parents at Pampers First Book may be made into a movie, Pampers First Movie. 

It is so exciting to document the milestones of our babies!  Sometimes I still walk down memory lane, looking at my son’s baby photos to see all of his developments.  Oh, how I miss having a baby!

Good job, Pampers, for providing a new product for babies and for providing an avenue for parents to document their baby’s firsts.

***To create Pampers First Book and First Movie accounts, log on to http://www.firstbook.ph

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