KumpleTuna! 555 Tuna Introduces Marian Rivera as Endorser

By Mommy Donna and Kib - April 20, 2015

These days, I’ve been very busy.  I feel that my time is not enough for me to accomplish so much in a day that I don’t have much time to cook complicated dishes anymore.  There are times that my son and I will just eat outside or just eat ready-to-eat food that I have on stock at home.  I feel guilty at times that I cannot cook for my son.  Sometimes he would tell me that he misses me cooking food for both of us.  Please don’t judge me for not being able to serve my son well.  If you have been constantly following my blog, you will know that I’m a single mom who juggles a lot of stuff, trying to balance motherhood and work on a daily basis.

Let’s put the guilt away….even if there are times that we just eat ready-to-eat food at home, I still make it to a point that it is healthy and it satisfies our daily nutritional needs.  When we do grocery shopping, I read labels first before putting it in my shopping cart.  I always have canned tuna on my grocery list because I sometimes use it for my pasta dishes or just simply sautee it in garlic and onion and it’s an instant viand for us already.

Tuna is considered a healthy food by many people, including me.  It is known to have Omega 3, DHA, Vitamin D, low cholesterol, and a good belly trimmer. 

Last April 14, 2015, I attended the launch of Ms. Marian Rivera as the new endorser of 555 Tuna.  Most of us will remember the brand 555 for their sardines. 

555 Tuna is available in 12 delicious variants:   The best-selling blue line includes Afritada, Caldereta, Adobo, and Mechado; the green line includes Bicol Express, Lechon Paksiw and Sisig; the orange line features Flakes in Oil, Hot and Spicy, Corned Tuna and Chili Corned Tuna.  555 Tuna also comes in easy-open can.

Some of the variants of 555 Tuna

Marian Rivera as the New Endorser

Marian, who got married in a highly anticipated ceremony last December 30, 2014, is obviously glowing with happiness in the new TVC of 555 Tuna which will air very soon. The new TVC shows Marian enjoying wedded bliss.  She is seen preparing a meal for two using 555 Tuna, the brand that is complete given its delicious mix of tuna and vegetables in a flavorful sauce.  It is also complete in offering a wide range of lutong-bahay flavors.  In short, ‘Kumple-Tuna!’

Ms. Marian Rivera looked blooming and complete during the event

Greg Banzon, General Manager of Century Pacific Food Inc., the company behind 555 Tuna, also expressed his joy of having Marian as the newest brand ambassador of 555 Tuna.  “555 Tuna has found the perfect endorser in Marian Rivera, who is famous not only for her beauty and sass, but also for her genuine love for cooking,” said Mr. Banzon. 

During the event, we were given an opportunity to taste 555 Tuna.  My son gave thumbs up that he wanted to eat 555 Tuna for dinner on that day already!  For sure one of these days we will have 555 Tuna on our dinner table. 


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