I’m a Super Mom!

By Mommy Donna and Kib - April 10, 2015

I always regard myself as a multitasker.  From being a single mom to a homeschooling mom to a stage mom to a work from home mom, you can see how busy I am in my daily life.  Many people ask me how do I do all of these things.  I even surprise myself for being able to accomplish multiple tasks on a daily basis and my friends say I’m a supermom.  Well, maybe I am, but there are times that my superpowers wear out too.  All superheroes have weaknesses, right?!

When I get sick, I feel guilty of not being able to do all my tasks.  I even apologize to my son that I cannot do certain things because I feel ill.  When I am sick, my son takes over doing some stuff at home. He even cooks simple dishes for the two of us (well, most of the time it's just cup noodles, haha).  I feel lucky to have a caring son like Kib.

Last March 19, 2015, Glaxo SmithKilne (GSK) relaunched Panadol with their newest brand ambassador, Ryan Agoncillo.  Ryan is known for being a good father to two kids (Yohan and Lucho), athlete (he is into motorcycles and triathlons), photographer, and host. 

Panadol advocates the importance of having pain-free moments with loved ones.  Panadol has Optizorb technology, providing a quick recovery period so we can easily go back to our regular tasks.  It is a type of paracetamol caplet that works five times faster than regular formulation.  It contains the same amount of paracetamol (500mg) compared with other brands, so you can feel confident in its ability to relieve pain discomfort associated with the following: headache, tension headache, period pain, cold and flu symptoms, migrane headache, muscular aches, arthritis/osteoartrithis, backache, and toothache.  In addition, Panadol also helps to reduce fever.  This can be taken by people with dengue fever.  This can also be taken by people with with sensitive stomachs, stomach ulcers and other stomach disorder.  It is also safe for pregnant and breastfeeding moms.

I was able to see with my two eyes during the event how Panadol works quickly compared with the competitor-brand. 

Look at the series of photos below how Panadol dissolved quickly in two minutes:

The next time I will feel ill, I’ll take Panadol.  No more guilt feelings, back to regular programming, back to being a Super Mom!

***Panadol with Optizorb comes in 36 x 10s dispenser box and a 10s pack.  Each tablet’s SRP is P4.00 and is available in all leading drugstores nationwide.  For more information about pain management, visit

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