Kib’s CogMap Assessment at BrainFit Studio

By Mommy Donna and Kib - February 19, 2015

Last November, Kib had his free trial class at BrainFitStudio in Greenhills and last January 20th Kib had his CogMap assessment.  This is a more intensive brain skills assessment compared with the free trial class. 

Unlike during the free trial class, parents are no longer allowed to observe during the CogMap assessment.  I just waited at the reception area and entertained myself by reading magazines and a book that I brought with me.

I entertained myself with this book while waiting for Kib

Kib had his CogMap assessment for almost three hours.

I was already given an initial impression about Kib’s performance on that day.  The teacher was impressed on how he performed on that day.  Kib went out of the assessment room without showing signs of lethargy; he was still active and enthusiastic and he even told me that he really had fun. 

Friday, January 23rd, Kib and I went back to BrainFit to know the results of the CogMap assessment.  Before showing the report to me, the whole process was explained to me, on what they did to assess each area (motor, visual, auditory, attention, social-emotional).  The assessment is a combination of paper and pen, computer/digital, and physical activities.  They used standardized tests and other tests proprietary to BrainFit.  The report is 18 pages long, which discussed each aspect thoroughly, and the method used to measure the categories on each aspect.

I will not show to you the details of Kib’s report because it is private and confidential but will just tell you how he did on each area.

Overall IQ—Kib’s IQ is at high-average range (high-average ability for verbal IQ and average ability for non-verbal IQ)

Motor—Kib has below average motor coordination ability.  He has average handwriting speed and balance but still needs to improve his manual dexterity and aiming and catching.

Visual—Kib has overall average visual basic perception ability and high average visual sequential memory. 

Auditory—Kib has above average phonological skills and average auditory memory. 

Attention—Kib has poor impulse control and average attention ability. 

Social-Emotional—Kib has average optimism level and high average social skills. 

Based on the results, BrainFit has recommended that Kib enrolls in Integrated Brain Package.  It is a 3-in-1 lesson covering Motor, Vision, and Focus areas.  Usually on this package, Listening is included and not Focus, but since Kib did well on this area, he can skip that and move on to Focus.  If Kib enrolls in Integrated Brain Package, it should be completed in four months.  It is a once a week lesson which will last for around three hours each session.

I am satisfied with the results of the CogMap assessment.  I do agree that Kib still needs to work on his motor skills.  It is also recommended that Kib gets involved in ball sports.  The assessment also showed that Kib is a reader and the teachers were very impressed on Kib’s comprehension skills.  Kib also needs to work on his attention which actually I am having a hard time when he is studying his lessons.  He seems to have a hard time concentrating and needs to be reminded to finish his tasks every now and then.

I need to fix my schedule and budget first before I finally decide on enrolling Kib at BrainFit.  Kib enjoyed BrainFit so much.  We left BrainFit with Kib still feeling energetic. Unlike other enrichment programs, the child feels so drained after each session.  God-willing, Kib will attend BrainFit classes.

To know more about BrainFit, you can check their FB page at  You can also email them at or call at 725-8000 (Bindondo) / 554-0381 (Greenhills).

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