The Story of Teddy

By Mommy Donna and Kib - January 14, 2015

My son’s favorite toy deserves a special space on my blog.  Teddy has been with us for eight years now, same age as my son.  It was a Christmas gift to him and eversince, they are inseparable.

Kib's first picture with Teddy

During my son’s younger years, we always bring Teddy wherever we go.  My son just can’t sleep without Teddy by his side.  Teddy is my son’s thumbsucking buddy too, holding Teddy’s hand while he does thumbsucking. 

Caught in the act thumbsucking

Kib’s lola is the one who washes Teddy.  Lola ‘steals’ Teddy from Kib early in the morning to give Teddy a ‘bath’.  Kib feels bad whenever he sees Teddy hanging outside the sun, maybe he thinks that Teddy feels uncomfortable there.  Teddy has undergone some ‘surgeries’ too due to wear and tear.  Lola repaired Teddy’s nose, and ‘changed’ his pants by cutting an old sock and making it into Teddy’s pants.  At present, Teddy’s mittens were already gone too.

Now that Kib is bigger, he is now the one who gives Teddy a 'bath'.  Notice the color of the pants, it's already blue (original color is green)

We tried weaning Kib from Teddy by hiding him, particularly training Kib to veer away from thumbsucking.  We were successful, though, but he has still longing for Teddy.  When Kib saw Teddy from our hiding place, he was so happy that he went back to thumbsucking!  I told Kib that Teddy will stow away again if he continues to thumbsuck, but this time he doesn’t believe me.  Anyway, he just stopped from thumbsucking when his thumb developed callus.

Now, we still bring Teddy wherever we go.  My son packs his bag and he always include Teddy on his ‘to bring’ list.  Kib is now more responsible towards Teddy; he is the one washes him and he always carry Teddy with him (rule in our house is if you pack it, you bring it).

At Ultra

At Davao on March 2014

At Blogapalooza event on October 2014

At Ilocos on December 2014

I am not sure when my son will part away from his beloved Teddy.  He says Teddy is his treasure.  As long as Teddy is huggable, I guess my son and Teddy will always be ‘partners in crime’.

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