Thank You, Uber, For Making Me Feel Safe

By Mommy Donna and Kib - January 02, 2015

I mentioned on my previous blog that I had a terrible experience during our latest vacation, so one thing that I wish for was to I cap it with a stress-free ride going home.

I have already been hearing about Uber from a lot of people on Facebook and all of them gave a wonderful impression about their service.  I drive a car so I am not that interested to avail of their services on a regular basis, but definitely I’ve earmarked them on my emergency list and even downloaded their app just in case I’ll need their services sometime soon.

Then the time that I needed their service came.  Since we will be arriving to Manila from Ilocos very late at night, there will be no public transportation available already, only taxis.  No one will also pick us up at the drop-off point so I don’t really have any choice but to travel on our own going back to our house.  I was so really stressed about the harrowing experience we had at Ilocos so I called up my friend Millie to send some credits to my Sun Broadband pocket Wi-Fi.  I wasn’t able to buy credits on my own before heading to Manila due to stress.  I even confirmed to my other friend Ginger if Uber is available 24/7 and even asked if I can use her code. 

While on our way to Manila, I have been checking Uber every now and then to really verify if there will be available Uber cars near Robinson’s Galleria. 

We arrived at Robinson’s Galleria few minutes before 1 a.m.  I just put down my bags inside Ministop to book Uber.  In less than eight minutes the car arrived in front of Ministop.  It was a Ford Fiesta.  As soon as I got in the car I told the driver that I just want to feel safe to end the day.  The driver is very courteous and he really assured me that Uber is a safe mode of transportation.  Most of his passengers are all female and they all want the same thing. 

This is my Uber driver

Uber is only available in Metro Manila, but they can drop off passengers near Metro Manila.  Good thing I live in Cainta because they can still provide service there.  My Uber driver is very kind to tell me good things about Uber.  He even told me that I can book Uber to pick up another person, which I find convenient too should there be any instance that I cannot pick somebody up.

It was a smooth and fast travel going home.  I didn’t pay anything; the P200 off from Ginger’s code was enough to cover the fare.  (Note that one must have a credit card before registering for an Uber account because the fare will be charged to your credit card.  Uber drivers are not allowed to handle cash from the passengers, no tipping needed). I also received an email giving me details of my trip, so cool!  Trip details are also available on Uber's website as well :)

Here's the detail of my Uber ride, actually I got this from the website but nonetheless the same thing was also emailed to me.

Super thank you for the safe ride!

For sure, I will be availing Uber services again.  I really liked that they really pick up passengers on the exact location, not unlike other taxi booking apps that they will only pick-up passengers from a certain location near you.  The driver is also very courteous, they treat you as their ‘amo’, not a passenger.  The cashless travel is also hassle-free, no more fights with manong driver about the incorrect change nor overpriced fare.  Also, if you think you left something in an Uber car, rest assured it'll be returned to you.

Friends, you can also ride Uber for free!  Use my code: donnad181 and you will get P200 off from your first ride.  

Good job, Uber!

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  1. At least the driver and Uber made you feel a little better. Plus 1 sila sa akin!! I shall use your code soon.

  2. Yes, super! Super na-inlove ako sa services ng Uber! Try it ha?! =)