One Fine Saturday

By Mommy Donna and Kib - January 26, 2015

When weekend is coming near, Kib will always ask me, “Mom where are we going this weekend?”  I guess he also feels boredom because all week long we are just at home (remember, he is homeschooled and I work from home).  So this Saturday, January 24th,  I was able to find something to do outside our home.  I always make sure that my day outside home is productive because I want to save energy and gasoline. 

First, I went to Sophiaphotography studio to pick-up Kib’s DVD compilation of the raw and edited photos from his last photoshoot (see previous blog here).  

Next stop, Gateway Cubao.  I met a college friend whom I haven’t seen for a long time.  So surprised to learn that we work at the same company as ESL Online Teacher and we do both have a blog (shameless plug: please do check her blog,  We ate lunch together and she was also delighted to meet my son for the first time.  We parted ways at around 3pm.

Our groupie photo

While walking towards the basement parking, a salesperson from Aqua Mineral gave me a piece of glycerin soap and immediately took my time by demonstrating the other products to me.  I didn’t mind being stopped since I am not in a hurry on that day.  Actually I already have seen and tested their products before; however I find it pricey so I didn’t purchase anything from them. But since they have some ongoing promos I got somehow interested in their products. 

I also liked the way the salesperson accommodated Kib.  Most of the time people get intimidated at Kib since he is an English-speaking boy.  But the salesperson also talked with Kib in English with confidence and without ‘complaining’ to me that she is having a hard time talking with my son. Also, when adults talk about skin care, kids are not part of the conversation or sales talk, but the salesperson let Kib experience the products too to show that their products are kid-friendly.  Actually, I am really in search of kid-friendly products since Kib is into modeling industry so I want to keep his skin soft and blemish-free.  I cannot just use any adult skin care products on him because it might destroy Kib’s young skin. In short, I was convinced to purchase their products. 

Part of my ‘freebie’ was a facial using their products.  It was not non-invasive; the salesperson just let me experience the other Aqua Mineral products.  At first she only treated half of my face so that I can compare the results to the other half of my face.  Honestly, I was happy with the results.  The salesperson also let Kib to have something on his face too!  Am I raising a ‘kikoy’ here? Haha

Half of my face being treated

Can you see any difference?

Kib having an experience with Aqua Mineral products

Tada!  I feel fresh!  I so love it!

 One reason that I was convinced to purchase is because they have a zero percent interest installment plan in three months; therefore, I swiped the plastic, hihi.  I’m just so happy with the customer service I received from them :)

This is what I bought from Aqua Mineral, can't wait to have kikay sessions with Kib, haha

Last stop for the day was at Greenfield Weekend Market.  Reason why I wanted to check it out is because I wanted to buy organic veggies from Homegrown Organics.  I was so surprised that their prices are cheap!  I hoarded basil, lettuce, and arugula, haha…if you want to know how much it cost, just send me a private message. I think I am not in liberty to put it here because their regular price is much different from their selling price at Greenfield Weekend Market.

Yummy veggies!  Can't wait to cook using these organic veggies

I also liked the vibe of the weekend market.  It is just like the Balik-Bukid event in Sta. Elena Fun Farm but in the urban setting.  There were picnic tables around, picnic mats on the lawn, and soothing live music to entertain the people.  There were different varieties of stalls there, from food to accessories to home décor to antiques.  The cool weather added to the wonderful ambience.  The place was also pet-friendly; we greeted some dogs and had a short chat with their humans.  There was a space at the back where kids can run and play with each other.  I let Kib play with other kids for few minutes before we headed home.   

Weather is so cool!  Love it!

Kib joined an art contest courtesy of Trend Micro

He loves the grass!

My dinner.  Pad Thai and green tea.  I wasn't able to take photos of Kib's food because he's so hungry, haha

Here's Macho, a Basset Hound

Kib playing with the other kids at Greenfield Weekend Market

As I drive going home, Kib was already asking me to go back to Greenfield Weekend Market next week.  

Next week’s adventure is for definitely a different one.  One thing’s for sure,: we will have a wonderful time no matter what.

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  1. What a fun-filled Saturday you had! You were out almost the entire day and you were everywhere, hahaha! Your college friend looks familiar. And what a coincidence that you both work for the same company and enjoy blogging. :P

    Andami mong biniling gulay!:) Don't diet too much baka di naman bumagay syo. I think you look good. One pound more, perfect na! Please tell Kib I enjoyed his company too. Kinwento ko nga sa parents ko how bolera he was and how impressed I was :) Date ulit tayo?

    1. Naku, ganyan kami palagi pag umaalis, sinusulit ang oras sa labas, hihihi :)

      I just realized how plenty the veggies I bought when I got home, I'm having problems how to consume them all, lol. Yes, would love to see you again! Would you like to see the other college girls too? Hihi

  2. Sure. Whenever our schedules are free. :)