My New Toy—Nikon Coolpix S32

By Mommy Donna and Kib - January 05, 2015

I lost my digicam during our last vacation, so I immediately started to look for a new digicam.  I wanted to make myself feel good about the loss so purchasing a new on will somehow make me move on.  I already thought of buying a waterproof camera since my son and I like going outdoors and I really feel bad that I can’t take photos when we are in water. 

Last December 29, I met my friend at Robinson’s Galleria for an annual Christmas get-together.  When we parted ways, I just checked the stores just to canvass for a digicam.  Most waterproof cameras that I checked were in P12,000-16,000 price range.  When I saw Nikon waterproof cameras on the display window, there were no prices indicated so I went inside the store to ask how much are they.  To my surprise, the candy-colored model Nikon Coolpix S32 is only P6,990.  I even asked the question again because I might have just heard the wrong price.  The salesman told me that it is the cheapest basic waterproof camera in the market and a lot of people have already bought that.  Since I am holding a BPI credit card, it was mentioned to me that I can avail of it at 0% interest for six months and the bill will start after three months.  Isn’t that cool?!

The whole kit.  It comes with a versatile USB/charger cable, a small brush, instruction manuals and adapter.

I called some friends to ask for second opinion before I bought the camera.  My friend Millie said that it was already a good buy, so without hesitation, I swiped the plastic (the promo ends by year-end too so I have to decide quickly).  The digicam also came in with a free 8GB SD card.  I also bought a neck strap/pouch on another store too.

This is what Nikon Coolpix S32 looks like.  It is around 2 1/2inches in height.  I chose blue but there are also different colors available (pink, yellow, white).  There is a separate button for video, really very easy to use!  Very basic for non-professional photographers like me.  

When I got home, I immediately checked the things that I can do with the camera.  It’s very easy to use, with all the buttons on the left side I can easily navigate through the different features of the camera.  

I was so surprised to find out that there are lots of things that you can do with Nikon Coolpix S32!  For a non-professional photographer like me, you can easily take perfect  photos by just picking a scene on the menu. 

Gentle reminder from Nikon Coolpix when taking pictures in the water, just click the arrow keys on the right side to view the rest

This is the welcome image when you turn on the camera

You can see the menu on the left part of the screen, just press the button beside it to navigate each one.

This is what you will see when you click the SCENE button from the main menu.

On the Decorate option, you can 'beautify' your photo buy putting frames

Different scenes from the photo, I will show below the different scenes taken using these scenes

Options from Change Colors menu.  The Highlight colors really amazed me!  I have a sample photo below using this option

From the main menu, when you press the flash button, this is the sub-menu

Below are the types of photos based on different scenes being captured by Nikon Coolpix S32:

Night scene

Fireworks.  Actually I moved a little bit but I still like the after-shot, hihi

Backlit scene

Food photo.  There is a menu 

Close-up photo.  Pardon the messy hair, he just got out from the shower, haha

Underwater shot.  I submerged my son's toy in the bucket, haha

Mirror shot

Bubble effect

Neon effect

Cartoon effect

I used Highlight Colors for these two pictures, so nice!

Photos shot at 30-second intervals each

Series of pictures

It’s also compatible with Mac, so I can just easily plug and upload my photos on my laptop without removing the SD card.  I find it very convenient because the frequent removal of the SD card usually destroys the card itself. 

I can't wait to have an adventure with my gadget!  Hooray for 2015!

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  1. Waaa!! Buti ka pa nakabili na. We haven't replaced our old one yet. We don't really need an underwater camera. What's more important to me is the zoom. I want to be able to take nice, clear photos from afar. Okay ba zoom nito?

  2. Before I purchased this, I got Mike's approval (Mike ni Millie, haha). Numbers below the lens are 4.1-12.3mm 1:3.3-5.9, will this be okay with you?