Kib’s Hand Impression made by Chubby Toes Ceramic Impressions

By Mommy Donna and Kib - January 12, 2015

I have always been very vocal about keeping mementos of my son.  I really don’t like missing any of his milestones so I really give him the best experience possible and keeping all of those in a safe place at home.

I find it cute that my son has his footprint on his Certificate of Birth from the hospital.  I have mine too, so there’s this ‘kilig’ feeling that we both have the same memorabilia.

Kib's footprint were taken right after he was born

I have been seeing this kind of keeping your child’s foot and hand imprint on Facebook, bazaars and shopping malls, it’s a 3-D image of your child’s hands and feet.  I find it a bit morbid, it’s like decapitated hands and feet, haha.  Even though I have a wild imagination towards it, somehow I wished that it was already available during the time that when my son was born.

Fast forward, I’ve met this lady who is into making ceramic hand and foot impressions.  Her name is Jen Faiwas.  Her product immediately caught my attention as I am seeing this kind of mementos from Hollywood movies.  When I saw her product samples, all I see are baby handprints, so I thought it’s only for babies and toddlers.  I asked her if my son can still have an imprint even if he is already big, she immediately said yes, as long as the hand fits the ceramic plate.  My heart jumped for joy upon hearing it and I’m ready to save some bucks to have his ceramic hand impression.

Here are the samples of Chubby Toes' products

Color swatches

When we met again at Medela House last November 2014, she asked me if I wanted to have my son’s handprint, I immediately said yes and she brought out her ‘paraphernalia’: a rolling pin, moist lump of clay, and flat tray.  She first flattened the clay using the rolling pin, making the surface smooth and free from any smudges.  After she has flattened the clay, she asked Kib to lay down his right hand on the clay and she carefully pressed his hands so that Kib’s handprint will be taken properly.

Jen flattening the clay using the rolling pin on the flat tray

Kib is now ready to have his handprint taken

Jen carefully pressing Kib's fingers and palms on the clay


There!  Here is Kib's handprint impression on the clay

After she has gotten Kib’s handprint, she then asked Kib what stamps he liked to serve as a decoration to his handprint.  He chose a pair of eyeglasses and a football.

Jen showing Kib the list of stamps to be added on the ceramic plate

Ready to choose!

Last December 20, 2014, Jen and I met at Gateway Mall to get Kib’s ceramic handprint.  It was so pretty!

Kib's ceramic handprint in denim color

I would recommend having a ceramic handprint of your child.  It is a lasting memory of your child’s younger years. 

Thank you, tita Jen for this wonderful handprint!

For more information about Chubby Toes, you can visit her FB page at:  Tell Jen that I referred you =)

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  1. Ooooh , I love it! I was thinking of doing something like this with my kids, but I'm going to need time and I don't think it will come out as nice as this. :)

    1. Hi May! This is super nice!

      One 'common' way of preserving kid's hand impression is by using plaster of Paris, but if this is not dried very well, there will be molds around it. Consider the ceramic handprint, it's lasting and the quality is good too =)