Kib's Animal Encounters

By Mommy Donna and Kib - January 22, 2015

I love animals.  I truly appreciate animals no matter if they are dangerous or not, I mean, they're God's creation, definitely they have a purpose on earth. I also wanted my son to appreciate God's creation and one way of showing that is to expose him to different animals.  

Since Kib was a year old, he has already lots of animal encounters from the zoos, pet shops, and animal shelters that we had visited.  

Kib's first encounter with a snake

Most animal encounters are with animals that me myself won't even dare to touch.  Please don't judge me for being a sissy mom; I can touch furry and feathery animals but not reptiles.  You can let me touch a baby tiger but not a baby crocodile or a baby snake.  You can let me touch a giant bird, even allowing it to sit on my arms or shoulders but not bats.  Therefore, I'm choosy on which animals to touch, haha.

Below are his photos from different places that we visited:

1.  Ark Avilon

2.  From Kinder Zoo

3.  Boracay

4.  Bohol

5.  Manila Ocean Park

6.  Tagaytay

7.  Zoobic Safari

8.  Sta. Elena Fun Farm

9.  Davao

Even if Kib has lots of animal encounters, there are some instances that Kib still fears them.  He likes dogs but not those dogs who are too playful and who bark at him.  He likes carrying crocodiles but it should be light in weight (nabibigatan).  He likes touching the feathers of birds and letting it sit on his finger but not on his arms (nasasaktan sa mga claws).  

I also do not mind paying extra bucks for a photo opportunity with the animals in the zoo.  For me it is the zoo's 'creative' way of generating funds for the zoo because taking care of these animals is no joke, it's really costly.  Sometimes, I put few bucks on the donation boxes if a zoo has that.  

I would love to have another encounter with animals again.  If budget permits, I wish to go to Thailand to ride an elephant, isn't that cool?!

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