Habitat for Humanity’s International Volunteer Day 2014

By Mommy Donna and Kib - January 19, 2015

I do volunteer activity when there's an opportunity.  When I was younger, I teach kids in our church and when there are outreach programs I also join to be part of the team.  When I was still working in the bank, I was fortunate to join two volunteer activities as part of the anniversary activities of the bank.  The first one was a tree-planting activity at La Mesa Dam and the second one was a house-building activity in one of the sites of Habitat for Humanity.

My one-day experience of building houses at the Pinugay site

Fast forward, I was able to encounter Habitat for Humanity again during the Blogapalooza event last October 2014.  I was so excited to see them since I was also looking for a volunteer activity that my son and I can do together.  Anthony, the Habitat for Humanity representative at that time, explained that they are really looking for volunteers to help them raise funds for Yolanda victims.  It has already been a year since the tragedy happened in Western Visayas and people living there still needs assistance on helping them to get back on their feet.  Anthony said that he will send me an email for the orientation of the Online Champions (I like the title, haha).

The orientation last October further explained to me their current fundraising activity which is called Race to 200k.  My son also listened attentively that he even stated his intentions to help.  I am so proud of this little boy!

Ready to be a volunteer!

The Online Champions doing the Habitat pose

Last December 2014, I was invited to join the International Volunteer Day activity of Habitat.  It was originally scheduled last December 6th, but due to the incoming typhoon Habitat decided to postpone it on a later date.  The activity pushed through the following weekend at the Payatas site (Bistekville 1). 

One block at Bistekville 1.  Very nice, isn't it?!


This is how the houses in Bistekville look like, loft-type with one T&B and kitchen

Kib and I woke up early as I planned to join the shuttle service going to Bistekville 1.  As we arrived at Bistekville 1, there were also other volunteers from different organizations who attended the event.  The homeowners were also there to share their joy on having a house which they can call their own.     Some of Habitat for Humanity executives were also there in the event.

Kib posing with Habitat for Humanity peeps

The event won’t be complete without the presence of one of their celebrity ambassadors, Alden Richards.  He mentioned that having a house that we can call our own is very important for each family. 

Photo opportunity with Alden Richards

During the short program, the volunteers were also awarded with Certificate of Appreciation for all their efforts in raising awareness on having a decent home for every Filipino family.

We are also Online Champions, wee!

A parol-making activity came in next using recyclable materials. 

The parol that we made...not so creative, eh?!

The activity ended with a boodle fight lunch among volunteers and homeowners.

Kainan na!

For sure, Kib and I will join the future activities of Habitat.  I also wanted Kib to grow up with a heart for helping other people and giving back whatever blessings he will receive. 

So glad to be part of this event :)

To donate for Habitat for Humanity, kindly go to their website at http://www.habitat.org.ph/ . Our fellow citizens in the Western Visayas region ask for our generosity.  Let us start 2015 by helping those who are in need.

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