We Wish You a #MerryCremas2014! Alaska, Asian Food Channel and Food Network Event on Eastwood Mall Open Park

By Mommy Donna and Kib - December 15, 2014

T’was a busy weekend for us!  Since Friday, my son and I have activities outside our home.  The activities were different from each other so it’s really worth joining.

My blogger-friend Patricia enlisted me to this event.  I so love Eastwood City!  It’s very near to our residence so whenever I need a place to relax, I go here.  I was able to witness how Eastwood City develop over the past 15 years.

These two guys met again!  Both wearing eyeglasses but one of them is 'fake', haha

Days before the event, I cooked sopas at home.  I like experimenting on my dishes so I just tried putting Alaska Crema on it.  Voila!  It gave my sopas more life!  My son was able to eat three bowls of sopas that night. 

This is my sopas with Alaska Evaporada and Alaska Crema on it

Today, after going to church and a lunch date with my mentor, my son and I went straight to Eastwood to attend the Alaska Food Festival event.  Booths opened by 1pm and we arrived at around 1:30pm.   I registered at the main entrance and we were given Alaska products that we can use for Noche Buena.  We were also given a task card which we can present to the booths so we can have a free taste of their products, particularly their products that has Alaska Crema on it (it’s the main star of the event).  

It's free for everybody!

The main entrance of the event area.  It's so inviting!

The giant Christmas tree at the main entrance made of Alaska Crema tetra packs

The registration area, first 1000 registrants will receive a gift pack from Alaska

Included in the gift pack is the task card to be presented to the booths for free food samples

The venue was so festive!  You can really see the colors of Christmas!  There were Christmas trees made from Alaska Crema tetra packs all over the event vicinity.  Booths were evenly spaced so that the participants won’t crowd on one booth.  

It was still early when this photo was taken.  Look at the people visiting each booth and holding their Alaska gift packs.

Kib posing at the middle of the area

Look! There's a paramedic!

For recipes, you can download the mobile app on Google Play

Ooops, please come back later

Kib tasting the different food samples from the booths, we shared, haha

There’s a photobooth and an activity area for kids.  My son registered for the 4pm activity.  He made a Christmas card.  So happy that he bagged the prize for having the most wonderful Christmas card, yey!

The photobooth area.  Too bad we were not able to have our souvenir photo taken, the line is too long, hihi

Kib making a Christmas card

Kib showing off his winning card together with his teacher

Another pose to the photographers together with his prize pack, it's heavy, hihi

The program started at 4pm.  The award-winning children’s choir made the first performance.  It was also hosted by the ever-famous radio tandem Chico Garcia and Delamar Arias of RX 93.1.  Chico and Delamar went around the event area to taste the different food the exhibitors offer. 

The choir consists of children of various ages, they're good!

The highlight of the event was a performance by KZ Tandingan, the voice behind Alaska Crema’s theme song.  I became her fan after hearing her sing.  She is so versatile! 

KZ Tandingan, you rock! 

KZ Tandingan with Chico and Delamar

The event was capped with a fireworks display at 8pm.

My son and I really enjoyed the event.  Thank you Asian Food Channel for the invite, the event was indeed a success!

For my family and friends, use Alaska Crema on your holiday dishes!

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  1. Awwww... Where was I??? Anyway, looks like you really had a great time!