Kib’s Photographs Throughout the Years

By Mommy Donna and Kib - December 18, 2014

I like taking photos of my son.  From the moment he came to this world and up to the present, all of his milestones were documented.  I’m just so in love with my son that I don’t get tired of taking his pictures.  These pictures serve as a memento of his childhood and a record of all of his milestones.  I never get tired of seeing his old pictures, it makes me walk down the memory lane and reminisce those times whether it may be happy or sad.

Kib's very first photograph, pardon the blood =)

Kib had his first professional photography session when he was six months old.  It was only shot at a studio inside a shopping mall.  I was so happy with the results that  since then, I swore to myself that I will have Kib’s photos taken by a professional photographer every year.

Kib's studio photographs at 6 months old

The first few years were only taken at a studio, particularly those studios that can be found at shopping malls.  During that time I didn’t have any idea about exclusive photoshoots. 

Kib at 1

Kib at 2

Kib at 3

Kib at 4.  This picture was used for his application at Ateneo

When Kib was four, then I started to book him for exclusive photoshoots.  Exclusive photoshoots are longer than the mall studio photoshoots that only takes less than 10 minutes.  Exclusive photoshoots may take two hours depending on the mood of the child.  I was a bit nervous that Kib will be cranky when he gets tired during the session.  Maybe I did the right thing also of letting Kib eat before the actual shoot that is why he didn’t show any signs of bad mood during the shoot.  Good job, Kib!

Kib's first exclusive photoshoot with Mia Criel Studio with magazine theme

Kib’s exclusive photoshoot at age 5 was a bit dramatic because it was done outdoors and we had to wake up very early so that the shoot will be done before it gets hot.  There was a moment during the session that he cried because he feels sleepy.  He was only appeased when he was allowed to have his pictures taken together with his favorite toys, PSP and his beloved teddy bear.

Kib's photoshoot with Arteta Online at Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife, Quezon City

 When Kib was six years old, I asked a highschool batchmate of mine to take his photos with vintage theme.  My batchmate also had fun taking his pictures as he said that all shots were good, no wastage of camera clicks.

Photo credits to Dino Jasper Morales

Kib was six years old when he had his first print ad photoshoot.  He did great that it only took less than twenty minutes to get the shot that they needed.

His next print ad photoshoot was with other kids.  He was the most energetic among the group and the photographer had fun taking his photos.

When I accompanied my friend for the birthday photoshoot of her daughters, the photographer fell in love with Kib’s charm.  Even if Kib was not included in the photoshoot, the photographer took some photos of Kib.  There was an instant connection between the photographer and Kib.

Stolen shots made by Sophiaphotography

I was so happy with how Erwin treated his paparazzi shots with my son.  Even if Kib was not part of the photoshoot, he still edited Kib's photos and took pride on it by posting it on his Facebook fan page.  Kib's photos with Sophiaphotography brought clients to Erwin, hihi.

For Kib's 7th birthday, I scheduled Kib for an exclusive photoshoot with Sophiaphotography.  Kib changed attire for four times plus a bonus mother and child photoshoot.  Erwin likes 'experimenting' with Kib as he is very energetic and easy to direct.

Kib's 7th birthday photoshoot with Sophiaphotography

Kib had two more print ads, one with SM for their United Nations and Halloween campaign and for 7-eleven.  

Kib's print ad with SM in 2013

Behind the scenes of Kib's print ad with 7-eleven

This year, Kib had a birthday photoshoot again with Sophiaphotography.  

Another photographer-friend of mine, Mike Rilloraza, is also fond of taking pictures of Kib, though not an exclusive photoshoot unlike the others but more of event photos.  Mike is good in taking photos of your most unexpected moment but still you look good, not the type of photos that your friends will post on social media and to laugh at, haha.

Paparazzi shots of Mike Rilloraza of MRLightworkz Photography

My son is already used to being photographed.  Though there may be times that he'll be cranky, but he is professional enough to immediately get back on his feet and finish the show.  Looking forward to more exclusive photoshoots for my son!

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  1. Hindi nagbago yung face ni Kib over the years no? :D

  2. Uu nga, not so major changes...sana hanggang teenage years nya, hihi