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By Mommy Donna and Kib - December 08, 2014

I started having my own planner when I was in highschool; actually, it’s not a planner but a date book that I bought at National Bookstore.  Then I resorted in using a pocket planner.  I make my handwriting small just to fit in the space provided.  Next I bought an organizer.  It was a hit during that time so even if it was bulky, I always bring that to school.

There came a point that I stop using planners.  During that time I didn’t find any reason of having a planner.  I just started having a planner again when I got interested in collecting stickers of a well-known coffee shop in exchange for a planner for free.  However, I only tried collecting it for two consecutive years due to budget constraints; I bought a planner from National Bookstore to be used the following year.  This year, I just did bulleting of my to-do’s on a notebook given by my mother.  Well, it worked for me because I am not constrained in writing everything on a space provided for each day of the year but I still miss plotting activities on a particular day.  It still gives me a reminder that I need to do something on a particular day.

I have already heard about Certified Positive planner last year and this year I want to try using it.  I am so interested in using this planner because of the uniqueness of the content.  They have stories of some known personalities on how they had a close encounter with God.  The olive green color also makes it a standout, compared with other planners that have solid, dark colors.  It is hard-bound with Smyth-Sewn perfect binding.  When you hear about Smyth-Sewn binding, it means it is high-quality binding, a hallmark of library-quality books.  You can learn more about Smyth-Sewn binding at

This planner is also perfect for people who would like to plan their daily Bible-reading.  This planner has set a plan for individuals to read the Bible from Genesis to Revelations.  Apart from the daily Bible-reading plan, it has daily inspirational quotes to help you to get through the day.  There are also extras: stickers to remind you of God’s love and perforated cards to be given to special ones on special occasions.  Indeed, this planner is full of positivity!

This is what Certified Positive Planner 2015 looks like from the inside

If you have plans of getting a planner for next year, I highly recommend Certified Positive Planner 2015.  To learn more about the planner and how to order (you can give this as a gift or for personal use), you can check their website at

Certified Positive Planner 2015 from the outside

You can win ONE (1) CERTIFIED POSITIVE PLANNER from my blog!  I won’t make the mechanics complicated anymore, just write on the comment below why do you deserve to win a planner from Certified Positive.  Don’t forget to write down your full name and email address so I can notify you if you have won.  My blog promo will run until December 19th and I will announce and email the winner on December 22nd.  

This is surely one planner that you must have for next year!  Full of inspiration and positivity!  Good luck to all of you!

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  1. I deserve to win a Certified Positive Planner because I am living my dreams by taking on a Positive Attitude. I believe that success and happiness results from inculcating positivism in how I think, talk, and act! And when I feel good, I share the goodness and spread goodness within my circle of influence.
    Emiliana Sison

  2. A Certified Positive Planner is an absolute must for working moms, trying to strike a balance between family and work. The demands of work coupled with wanting to be a perfect mom can be very difficult at times and an inspirational positive planner would truly be helpful.
    Juvy Ann Petilla

  3. positive thinking always spells the difference whatever situation we may be. I have always tried to practice that in my daily living and it has worked wonders in improving my thoughts, attitude + way of living. I plan to continue on doing that for 2015 + the Certified Positive Planner will surely be handy in inspiring me to maintain a positive outlook in life. I thought I deserve to win a copy! :)

  4. I'd like to be more consistent with my Bible reading next year and this planner can help me achieve that goal! thanks for hosting this giveaway :)
    Christine Amador

  5. I know all of the moms deserve to have this planner, so I won't use that word. I'd rather use the word "want" for this post because I've only been baptized earlier this year. Since then, I've always attended our bible group till my leader equipped me into being a leader myself. Now as a leader, I need to be one step ahead from those people I'm mentoring. Just like you, I used to have planners but don't write anything sensible in them. But since I've accepted Jesus in my life, I made sure to always do my daily devotions every mornin and write the Bible phrases and its illuminations in my planner. Now, I finally found a good use for them! Seeing this planner and how it invites the users into reading the Bible would do me good for it will serve as my reminder into feeding myself with His Word. But I know that anyone who gets to win this planner would be blessed as well. :)

    Sam Reboja

  6. As a mom, we are expected to do everything and anything and having a planner will definitely make our noble job easy.

    Truth is, whether we like it or not, our limitations hamper us to accomplish our everyday to do lists BUT remember that it is the reason behind that counts, the reason why we are doing it. It is Love that fuels us to strive hard everyday to achieve our goals. Love for our family and the people around us and most of all LOVE for God.

    Nida D. Vergara

  7. I am so interested in having this Certified Positive Planner as beautifully as you describe it. This will blessed a lot of work at home moms to be fulfilled on what they are doing and this will surely guide me in the most important thing a mom is doing everyday when she wakes up, praying and reading a Bible scriptures where we can get all our strenght to do our daily task with our family in a more loving ways.

    What is also unique about this planner is that we can discern all our daily concerns as we are being reminded by the daily inspirational quotes about how God loves us so much.

    Good luck to all and God Bless us all.

    Menchie Santos

  8. As much as I want the planner, I can't think of the best reason why I would be deserving of all moms. All I know, I'm one of those wishful moms whose very hopeful to have this planner. I joined mommy Maan's giveaway of the same planner and like what I've said to her, my bag would be less heavy when I'll have this Certified Positive Planner --> for having a daily schedule reference and daily devotional guide all in one would be an awesome treat for me.
    Joining for the second time :D
    Lotus Shiella Ang

  9. I deserve to win the planner because it will motivate me to think positive all the time. And, since time management is my focus next year, I should have a planner like this! :)

    Millie Manahan

  10. I already have a planner for next year but I still deserve to win this because this would be perfect for my friend. I know she's still searching for the perfect planner and I really think the Certified Positive planner will be the best fit for her. She needs help with time management and managing priorities, at the same time she could use all the positivity she could get in order to make her dreams come true. :)

    Janice Lim

  11. I believe I deserve to have a planner so that I will be more productive when it comes to my personal and professional life. It will help me to become more goal-oriented and focused. Although sometimes, things don't go well according to what we planned, having insights of what we'd like to achieve can cause wonderful, unexpected things as well. God bless! ^_^
    Maria Concepcion Zabala

  12. I don't know about deserving it, I think everyone deserves to win it as much as the other. But I want it. I need to get my schedules and priorities organised. I've been trying my iPhone calendar but I think a manual organiser will work so much better for old fashioned me. 2014 overwhelmed me with a lot of opportunities, but I think I need to sort things out properly so as not to override the things that matter most. :)

    May De Jesus-Palacpac

  13. I deserve to win a Certified Positive Planner because I am living a positive life in what God what would want me to. This will serve as a helping tool for organizing my schedules for 2015.

    Rona E. Cuera-O

  14. I deserve to win this planner because I do believe that God has a calling for me to change for the year 2015. I have been to a lot of challenges and troubles this year. I know that the certified positive planner will help me go through the trials in my life by reminding me those positive things that I have to look for. Yes, I am such a negative person. Sometimes I can't handle myself in a situation I am not comfortable with. So I always end up failing what I have planned. Especially, i have loads of schoolworks, paperworks in my job and to mention that i am also a mom of a 3months old baby. I need something that will reverse everything that's why I'm dying to have this planner. I will be so much happy if I could have this but as much as being grateful if I got this for free. (I have no budget that's why I didn't know when I could invest for this!haha). Kidding aside, most of it I'll be feeling so blessed if I could be your chosen winner. Thank you and Godbless! Goodluck to all of us who joined. :)

    Jenina Tuazon

  15. I'm believing God for this planner because I want to start and end the year 2015 with a positive mindset and a burning passion for Jesus. I'm a 4th year high school student, turning 1st year college next year, and I don't want to miss out on God's Word just because of my schedule. I want to be able to continue my walk with God despite of being busy in school. It would really be a great blessing to have this planner because it will not only help me manage my schedule but it will also help me with my walk with God. Thank you and God bless!!! ^_^

    Rizza Mae Raza

  16. I'm a religious person but uncertain whether my relationship with God is deep enough to live a holy life. I am human and hence weak at times. Prayers, self-help books and advice from family and friends strengthen me. I am not fond of reading God's Word which I believe is one of the best tools in living a life in accordance to God's will. Having this Certified Positive Planner will surely inspire me to read the Bible. This habit will then give me a positive outlook whatever the situation may be which can be a best example to others especially those going through tough times.

    Glaiza C. Orejola

  17. For sure, my daily devotion will be more exciting with "certified positive" planner. It's a perfect gift to receive this Christmas, since, I still prefer the old fashion way of journaling my daily walk and talk with HIM.

    Isabel C. Sunico

  18. I believed so all of us deserved to have this planner, but if I win this, it's a blessing. It's like talking to God while writing down all my intentions, plans, bring closer to God as always. Walking through with my daily works, tasks would be much more motivating. It is such a nice blessing to have this ♥

    Ma. Yvette Heart Calimlim

  19. I would like to win a planner from Certified Positive so that I can hand it to my friend, Dolores Dalag, who is always living a positive outlook in life, even as life hands her lemons once in a while, and thus, serves as an inspiration to others who are going through the same thing.
    Theresa Cruz-Escaros

  20. Anyone who wins this planner would be a very happy person indeed (I could only wish it would be me hehehe). I love the the concept and overall look, layout, colors...very artsy with a blend of simplicity. What I love best about it is the Bible reading plan. What's a better way of keeping a positive outlook than being rooted in the Word of God daily? It's a blessing that there is a planner like this.

    Personally, this would help me in my journey as a Christian, help me grow in my faith and my personal walk with God. It is a very generous act to give something like this, one that will be useful the whole year and even beyond. God bless!

    Aileen Aguinaldo

  21. I deserve this positive planner, I will win it, I will have it. For many negative things happen to me this 2014, this is the light in the tunnel that i am looking for, a guidance for everyday, an inspiration for a a year, and a lifetime learning.

    Evo Joel Contrivida,

  22. I know all deserve this planner, but I am truly deserving to have this  Being an optimist deserves a Certified Positive Planner. One of the most important essentials in the daily life of a Christian is spending time reading God’s Word. Having a daily Bible reading plan will provide a guide to keep me on track. Throughout the years, I keep coming back to the same planner because I've found that it works well for me. But I'm also interested to know what this planner can offer and I am certain that it will work best for me. Having this is important because God's Word is seed for my growth, as well as for my personal evaluation and discernment. Planning will keep me on course in achieving my goals and objectives. This allows me to create a clear path for myself that maintains a healthy balance of work and play. Aside from the fact that it will help us get organized in fixing our schedules and to-do lists, it does one important thing: it is an instrument used by God to bring us closer to Him.

    "But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you." Matthew 6:33

    In Christ,
    Miss Jeancresia E. Alba /

  23. I deserve to win a planner from Certified Positive because this would be very helpful in my chosen profession as an Executive Assistant. With this planner I will be able to help my bosses organize their daily schedules and also it would be of great help to inspire myself of the everyday blessings that God has given us with the special features of the planner. I will not only be able to help my bosses but I will be more inspired to do my work and to have a wonderful day ahead.

    Jastene Angelene E. Galacio

  24. I deserve to win this planner because I am very organized and this planner would be a positive vibes in executing my plans for 2015 i.e. travels, meetings, events, shopping and many others.

    Jim Marlon A. Macaraeg

  25. I deserve to win this planner simply because I need it. This would help me have a spiritual revival. All the features of the planner is very amazing and I know that it can greatly contribute to my spiritual life. I want my 2015 to be in tune with God. I want to be spiritually stable in 2015. This would help me grow in the Lord. I want to get back in tune with God. I want to be positive. If I win this, I would be forever grateful for helping me get back on track. :)

    Hannalyn Briones

  26. Just in time...I've been on the lookout for a good planner :) Starting our day with God will really bring us positive vibes throughout the day. I'm a planner addict and I need one that could help me to organize & prioritize my schedule for 2015. Stay positive!! :)

    Chinnie Chin-Asilo