Crafty Kib

By Mommy Donna and Kib - December 11, 2014

I like seeing Kib doing some craft activities.  I treasure all of his crafts and keep them in a special box at home.  It serves as the time capsule.  The walls of our house actually are used as his art canvas, haha.  Good thing he only uses pencil in drawing or writing on our walls.  Until now you can see our walls with all of his writings, I don’t erase any of those.  I consider it as a memory of his childhood.  I even took pictures of some of his writings.  Apart from his drawings, our walls are fully-decorated with stickers too!  I guess all kids go through that stage as I remembered that my siblings and I also decorated our cabinets and walls with stickers too, haha.  Well, I have this plan that when he grows up, I will let him clean our walls, haha.

I have lots of craft materials at home.  I started keeping and collecting craft materials when I was still a graduate school student.  Now that I just work from home, even if I don’t use them that often, I still buy stocks, hoping that one day I might find some use for them, haha.  When creativity strikes, I use them when my son and I have some craft projects.  I really like thinking of activities that we can do together at home. 

Here's my stash of craft materials.  I still have lots on other cabinets, I just reorganized them for the nth time, haha

Whenever I learn about art workshops, I always try to find time to go there and let Kib enjoy the activity.   My son really enjoys attending to these kinds of activities because this is the time that he also interacts with other children too (remember, he is homeschooled).  He always gets excited whenever I tell him that we will go somewhere because he will do some crafts.

Kib was still a toddler when he joined his first craft activity at Trinoma courtesy of the defunct show, The Sweet Life (photo credits to the owner)

Kib painting a papier-mache horse at a Mommy Mundo event (can't remember exactly which event)

Kib painting Kinderino, the mascot of Kinder Joy at Fully Booked, BGC

That's Olaf! Christmas craft activity courtesy of Manila Workshops at Rustan's Makati

During Zeeka's birthday, Kib is painting Little Miss Sunshine

Kib painting an Easter egg at SM City Taytay

Kib molding a polymer clay during the Easter activity at Greenbelt 3

During Mother's Day at Balik-Bukid affair at Sta. Elena Fun Farm

Kib is proud to showcase all of his artworks.  He even asks me to take his photo together with his work.  Exposing Kib to arts and crafts is a way to explore his creative side.  Who knows, he may be the next Picasso, wink, wink!

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