Certified Positive Planner 2015 Review + Announcement of Winner

By Mommy Donna and Kib - December 22, 2014

Just like what I told you on my previous blog, I plan to use Certified Positive Planner for next year.  My planner arrived last December 10 and I immediately skimmed the pages.  This is really a spoiler but I really want to share with you how this planner makes a difference among others. Take a look at the photos of the actual planner:

The planner comes with a bookmark

It is 8.25 inches in height

And .75 inches thick

If you are curious about Smith-Sewn binding, this is how it looks like

In Smith-Sewn binding, the pages can be spread easily

This is what Certified Positive planner looks like from the side

After the flyleaf, this is what will greet you...amen to that!

The planner does not ask for a lot of your personal information, which I find it safe for the owner.  It only asks for your name, email address, and mobile number should there be a need to contact you in case the planner gets lost.

After the copyright page, this is what you'll see next: steps in finding salvation.  Truly, this planner really aims to spread the love of God to people!

Just like what you have seen on Certified Positive's website, this page gives us what to expect on the planner and gives us tips on how to use it.

The Daily Verse Tracker gives you tips on how to read the Bible from Genesis to Revelations.  The days on the planner also indicates the chapters that you will read on that day.

The Bills Payment Tracker page lets you monitor your bills for the whole year

Above all else, the spiritual goals come in first

This is where you can write down your thoughts during your meditation with God. 

After your have written down your spiritual goals, then it is time to write down your own personal goals

At the start of each month, you will read testimonials of different personalities about how they have encountered God in their everyday life and how God uses them in their own ministries. 

The following pictures below are the things that you will see on a monthly basis: What the Bible Says About (different topics each month), monthly goals (there are different boxes on each goal), monthly budget (just like a spreadsheet, there are already items listed below that are considered regular like tithes, loan payments, and utilities), daily expense tracker (this is for people who are really conscious about their budget), and the month in overview.  The weeks of the year are arranged from Monday to Sunday.

Take note of Certified Positive's anniversary!  I am not telling you which month, hihi

At the end of each month, there is a page for Reflections.  Wow, this planner really helps you to be a positive person!

The following pictures are the things you can see on the daily and weekly schedule: Top Priorities This Week, Weekly Devotion, Daily quotes, Weekly Bible Trivia, and Pos-TWEET-ive Act.  The Pos-TWEET-ive Act encourages everyone to post on Twitter on a weekly basis

In between months, there is an information about the partner-NGOs of Certified Positive, below is an example:

There are also twelve pages of blank pages towards the end of the planner for doodling and other important notes.

There are twelve stickers which you can use to inspire you or your loved ones

These are the twelve cards that you can give

Emergency numbers

This is the last page of the planner

The planner is really promising and indeed can really help you to be positive throughout the year; however, the font used is very thin and small, and for a person who uses eyeglasses  (like me) it'll be very hard to read.  I hope the Certified Positive team will take note of this so that the next year's planner will be a more improved and more inspiring one.

Today, I will also announce the winner of my blog promo.  Thank you to everyone who joined and I'm so happy with the responses that you gave.  Since I believe that everyone deserves a planner, I decided to draw lots instead with the help of my son.

Names of all the people who joined my blog promo

I've put them in this cute tin can

My son drawing the name of the winner



CONGRATULATIONS TO VIX PARUNGAO!  I will send you an email for the shipping of your Certified Positive planner

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