Short Escape to Reality

By Mommy Donna and Kib - November 07, 2014

I like getting a massage. It has been a ritual that I get it at least once a month to de-stress.  I guess I was able to also influence my son who sometimes asks me to give him a massage, haha.  If you also ask him to give you a massage, he will also be delighted to give you one, but beware that his karate chops are heavy, lol.

Kib giving a massage to my American uncle

Masseur Kib giving a massage to his lola

It's now Kib's turn to have a massage

I have already heard about Ace Water Spa from a friend of mine way back in 2006, but since Ace Water Spa has only a branch in Banawe at that time, I cannot afford to go there due to distance.  I got happy when Ace Water Spa decided to open a branch in Pasig, which is much nearer to my place. 

Together with my mom, uncle, aunt and Kib, we went to Ace Water Spa Pasig in May 2011, but it was a failure! It was not yet opened!  My son was so disappointed that he cried in the car on our way back home.  I really followed updates as to when it’ll be open so when it finally opened in June 2011, we were one of the first customers of Ace Water Spa Pasig.

It was indeed a refreshing experience for my son, my mom, and I.  After that, I swore to myself that I will go back there again.  Since Ace Water Spa Pasig opened, we have already been there for five times.

Our Ace Water Spa Pasig trips on different dates

I don’t have to worry about my son drowning because the hydrotherapy pools are not so deep.  The lifeguards are visible in the pool area.  The water temperature is not so high, it is warm that it’ll make you so relaxed.  The herbal pools are so relaxing.  The four hours allotment is just more than enough.  I am too sleepy to drive home.   

If I need a short escape to reality, I go to Ace Water Spa in Pasig.  It is truly an invigorating experience for me and my son, a way of rewarding ourselves from working hard and our special way of bonding with each other.

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