On Grocery Shopping

By Mommy Donna and Kib - November 17, 2014

I grew up in a family who believes that grocery shopping is a family activity.  My parents always involve us in decision-making as to what kinds of food and non-food items to buy apart from their own grocery list.  We usually do grocery shopping once a month.  We do believe in bulk purchases to save time and gasoline in going to and from the grocery.  I also remember how my college friends loved to spend overnights at our house because they said our pantry is always full, haha.  They have the freedom to just get whatever they want from the pantry, and since during that time I don’t know how to cook, they are the masters of the kitchen, lol.

My college friends. We just had a get-together recently after so many years, we're not yet complete though

Kib had his first experience of grocery shopping before he was a year old.  He really enjoyed riding at the pushcart that sometimes he’s so cozy that he falls asleep, lol.   My son also enjoyed riding at the kiddie puscharts (the one that looked like a car). I know that until now he wants to get in the pushcart because he asks me to whenever we go grocery shopping, but I can no longer carry him to put him in the pushcart, ahahaha.  Instead, he is the one pushing the cart already, but I still need to remind him every now and then that he must be careful in pushing it or else he might cause an accident.

Baby Kib enjoying the pushcart ride in the grocery

Shhh.....Kib is dozing off inside the pushcart

When he was about 4 years old, he already knows what he likes to eat, so he is already part of the decision-making on what to buy at the grocery, primarily cookies, crackers, and his favorite drink.  Sometimes I let him experience getting the food he wants from the racks.  Indeed, grocery shopping is a bonding activity for us.

Last Friday, November 14th, I was invited to a Procter and Gamble (P&G) event in SM Angono.  Few months back, I had already seen that SM Angono was being contstructed.  I didn’t know that it was their grand opening day then.  Blessing in disguise that I decided to commute going to the event or else I will have a hard time getting a parking space.  You can see the excitement of the people about the opening of the shopping mall because the mall was jampacked!  Literally, it was a sea of people inside the new mall! Each stores had their own gimmicks so imagine the noise!

Look! A sea of people inside SM Angono!

The hosts together with Ms. Ruffa Gutierrez.  She herself confessed that she does her grocery shopping once a month to save time and money.

Kib with the hosts of the event

Going back to the event, Procter and Gamble (P&G) launched their latest campaign entitled ‘Wag Kang Titingi-tingi, Buy BIG’ in partnership with SM.  This campaign aims to educate consumers on the benefits of buying bigger-sized household products.   P&G products included in this campaign are Ariel, Tide, Downy, and Joy.  To kick off the campaign, a ‘Buy 1, Get 1 at 25% discount’ will be offered on bags of Ariel and Tide which will be available in all SM SaveMore, SM Supermarket, and SM Hypermart branches nationwide starting from November 21 until supplies last.  To help consumers make the most of buying big packs, Ariel and Downy bags now come with scoops to help them control their consumption.

Look how much you'll save when you buy big bags!

I really support this campaign because we have already been practicing this activity ever since.  I do hope other families will try to do the same thing as it really saves time and money.  It may seem heavy on the pocket, but if you will think of the time and money saved from frequent trips to the grocery, it’s all worth it.

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  1. Absolutely! Knowing Mike, he doesn't know what tingi means hehehe..:) So, he buys by bulk talaga to save time and money na rin.. :)

    1. It's true, buying in bulk saves time and money, and of course, we are saving the environment by having less trash =)