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By Mommy Donna and Kib - November 05, 2014

Honestly, I am not obsessed with taking care of my feet.  I have the ugliest toenails. I rarely have a pedicure.  Even if I don’t take care of my feet that much, I make sure that I have the prettiest pair of footwear.  I am not trying to become like Imelda Marcos in collecting different pairs of shoes, but I can say that I have more than enough pairs compared to an average Filipina.  I need to change my shoe preferences when I got pregnant with Kib.   I can no longer wear heeled shoes for long hours, even when I’m wearing flats sometimes my feet aches.  I suddenly felt that I really needed to choose the shoes that I have to wear.  I have to sacrifice fashion a little bit over comfort.

Last October 11, my son and I went to Blogapalooza, the biggest event for bloggers which was organized by When In Manila and OurAwesome Planet.  This was a first for me so I was a bit excited about what’s in store for bloggers and companies in this event.  A lot of companies were very generous to the participants, giving them souvenir items and other information about the products that they are offering and somehow hoping that the bloggers will spread a word about it.  I really got curious about Dr. Kong.  I have already been seeing Dr. Kong whenever my son and I go malling but I never really find time to go inside and look around because I felt that their shoes are only for those people who have bad feet.  I am confident that I don’t need those kinds of shoes.  Since they offer free feet analysis during the event, I let my son have his.  I was so surprised to know that my son has a bad case of flat feet and has a slight case of knock-knees.  When I heard about the results, it suddenly dawned to me that sometimes he would just trip on a flat surface without any reason.  I also had my feet analysis when there were only few people inside the event hall and I got surprised to know that I have a mild case of flat feet too.  My posture is also bit angled so maybe the reason why the soles of my shoes are unevenly worn out.  It was explained to me that flat feet can be inherited, so I guess my son inherited it from me.  My son’s feet condition can still be corrected because he is still young, he just needs to wear shoes that have arch support and for his knock-knees, he must sit correctly so that the condition will not get worse.  As for me, I just have to wear the correct shoes so that I won’t feel discomfort when walking.

My son having his feet assessed

The lady is checking his stance, this is the time she determined that Kib has a slight case of knock-knees

Kib's feet alignment can be seen on this screen

My selfeet, haha

Kib's imprint. You can see that he has a severe case of flat feet

Since he has a case of knock-knees, he is encouraged to do cross-leg sitting than W-sitting

This is how the rest of the paper looks like

My own imprint

The information that I learned from Dr. Kong’s booth was really an eye-opener for me to also focus on taking care of my son and I’s feet.  When I got home, I read information from the Internet about flat feet.  I already told my mom to purchase shoes for Kib with arch support or a shoe insert for his regular shoes to correct his footing.  I have to be more vigilant in choosing shoes from now on.

UPDATE: Last November 1st, my son and I visited Dr. Kong at Robinson’s Galleria and was so happy to know that my son’s footing has improved.  He was taught some feet exercises and since some of the shoe models are on 50% discount, I bought one for Kib.  We were advised to go back again after four months to check on my son’s footing.  I am so happy about Dr. Kong’s service and concern on improving people’s footing and posture.

This was Kib's imprint from November 1st

This is the pair that we bought, nice isn't it?!

Kib was taught different feet exercises to improve his footing, here he is taught to tiptoe for 10 seconds

Now, he was asked to pick the pen on the floor using his toes and hold it for 10 seconds

Last is to pose this way for 10 seconds

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