Kib’s Trial Class at BrainFit Studio

By Mommy Donna and Kib - November 14, 2014

I am confident about Kib’s academic and non-academic performance. He even passed the Ateneo Prep Test several years ago. A lot of people say that Kib is smart and has great potential in performing arts. As a mom, I feel proud whenever I hear these compliments. 

He is only 8 years old, but sometimes I feel that there still lots of things to improve. He loves drawing, writing, and dancing, but I guess he still really needs to practice more. He is a determined kid, I know with patience and perseverance, he will surely refine his skills. 

I have already heard about BrainFit several years ago, they were offering trial class then. I wasn’t able to avail of the trial class during that time because I was too lazy to travel going to Greenhills, haha. I encountered them again for the second time at Blogapalooza this year and this time I am more interested to know about them, how they are different from other enrichment centers. I was handed a kit which gave more information about their program. This time, I am more interested in knowing more about BrainFit because of the kit they have given me. 

Last week, I scheduled a trial class for Kib. I emailed Ms. Janette Yu-Co, president of BrainFit Studio Philippines for an appointment. She was so very accommodating and she answers emails quick. We went to their Greenhills branch since it is the nearest branch to our residence. It is also very easy to locate since they have a signage in front of the building. We arrived there around noon. Even if it was lunch time, they were happy to accommodate us. 

Ms. Iris was the one who toured us inside the center. She explained to us that BrainFit is a franchise from Singapore. When I heard that this is from Singapore, I immediately concluded that this is good, knowing that Singapore is now the model of quality education in the world. One thing that I also liked about the program is that they also cater to children with special needs provided that the child can follow instructions. 

This is what you can see at the lobby, nice color scheme, isn't it?

These posters along the hall explains what BrainFit program is all about

In the center, there are different rooms for different programs (Smart Moves, Smart Listening, Smart Vision, Smart Focus, Smart Emotions) and rooms of Cognitive Map Assessment. These five programs cater to the development of the five brain pillars (sensory motor coordination, visual and spatial processing, attention and memory, auditory and language processing, social-emotional self regulation). Kib was given a taste for almost all of the programs except for Smart Emotions because they only offer this program during summer. 

I was there all the time observing my son on his performance during the trial class. The teachers also explained to me what skill is being measured on each activity. The free assessment is a combination of table activities and kinesthetic activities. My son, being a very active kid, enjoyed every single activity he was asked to do. The teachers were also very impressed on his performance that they even said that he performed more than what is expected for an 8-year old child. 

Pardon the blur, Kib was asked to jump on the trampoline while opening and closing his legs and lifting his arms at the same time, measuring his body coordination skills.  This is a timed test.

Here, he was asked to make letter U's, same with the first one, this is a timed test.

Last activity on measuring his Smart Moves.  He was asked to dribble a tennis ball without leaving the square mat.  He must also do this in a specified period of time.

Smart Listening trial.  He must do whatever the computer says him to do.

Smart Vision trial.  This particular activity measures his multitasking skills.  He was asked to jump on the trampoline while saying where the arrow points at.

Another Smart Vision trial.  He was asked to encircle 12 letters in each row.

His eye-hand coordination is being measured here.  He is asked to copy something on a specific period of time.

Measuring his logic. He was asked to fit in different shapes inside a bigger shape.

Smart Focus is actually for older kids (10 years old and above) to help them develop their focus and concentration. This is also recommended for children with attention problems, particularly those with ADHD. Kib was asked to just stare at the submarine for five minutes but he only lasted for three minutes because the teacher also said that activity can be a bit excruciating. He was wearing a helmet with some wires attached on it, I asked what is it for and the teacher said that it measures some brain activity. Interesting, isn't it?! 

This was during the Smart Focus trial. See the helmet Kib was wearing during the assessment.  There was a point that he held his head because all he has to do is to stare at the submarine and he found it difficult.

The whole BrainFit program can really be fun for the child because it uses variety of methods in developing the child's skills. BrainFit will recommend and customize a program for your child. They make sure that program they will create for your child will really meet your child's unique needs. One outstanding feature of BrainFit program is that they also do a post-assessment of the child. The post-assessment determines the child's progress after the program. 

I would recommend BrainFit to my friends and relatives because they put fun in learning. It is not just a boring enrichment class where children are asked to do the same thing over and over again. They will have this excitement whenever they will go to BrainFit studio, they will not see this as a burden on top of academic requirements their school has.

For more information and free assessment, you can email or call 725-8500 (Greenhills branch) or  668-2719 (Binondo branch).

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  1. What's the result? Always wanted to try that for my kid.(:

    1. They immediately tell me the results, though they will still encourage people to undergo Cognitive Map assessment because it is more comprehensive than the free trial =) Yes, you can try that for your kid, just email or call them for the schedule =)

  2. Looks very interesting. I didn't sign up because the venue is a bit far from us.

    1. They have a branch in BGC! It's in 9th Avenue Academy, Active Fun Building =)