It’s a Kool World! Ice-cream Tasting Activity at Kool Kids

By Mommy Donna and Kib - November 18, 2014

Kib and I are ice cream monsters.  We like ice cream so much.  If we were to choose a dessert, we will have ice cream.  If I have spare money, I will have an expensive ice cream, but if not, an ice cream sold by our trusted manong on the streets will still satisfy our cravings for something cold, hihi.

We were invited to an ice cream tasting activity courtesy of Mommy Bloggers Philippines at Kool Kids at SM Megamall.  Kool Kids is an original concept of making ice cream.  We were used to just ordering ready to eat ice creams on tubs, but here at Kool Kids they will prepare your ice cream in front of you.  How cool is that?  

This is how Kool Kids look like from the outside.  It is located at 5/F, SM Megamall Fashion Hall, just across Ice Skating Rink beside Lucca Bakery

Kool Kids' trademark

Kool Kids uses liquid nitrogen in preparing your ice cream.  Since this is a delicate element, a person must be well equipped with safety gear before getting liquid nitrogen from the main tank.  It doesn’t take a long time to prepare the ice cream you ordered; in less than five minutes, your ice cream is served to you.

Putting on protective gear first before extracting some liquid nitrogen from the main tank

Whoa! Look at the smoke!

This is ice cream in raw form

Raw ice cream + liquid nitrogen mixed together = more smoke!

Almost there....

Tada!  Ready to serve!  This is Mad Vanilla flavor, Kib's order

Here's mine, Dark Crookies

Another cool thing about Kool Kids is that they change their menu weekly depending on the availability of ingredients in the market.  You can’t get tired of eating the same ice cream flavor over and over again, there is something to always to look forward to here at Kool Kids.  However, please be aware that they do not replenish their stocks on the same week; they just simply put ‘Out Of Stock’ on their menu.  Reason for such is because they want to maintain the freshness of their ice cream that is why they only limit their stocks too.

Menu for the week.  Spicy Chai is no longer available then :(

One intriguing item on their menu is the FroDough.  Feeling ‘Lord of the Rings’, eh?!  They named it such because it is a short term for frozen dough.  It is a bread with ice cream inside, just like the ones we buy from mamang sorbetero.  The warm dough blended very well with cold ice cream, so delicious!

FroDough...warm on the outside, cool on the inside, perfect!

The experience was fun!  Class picture together with Mr. Miguel Aranaz, co-owner of Kool Kids

If you are looking for a unique ice cream experience, you can try Kool Kids.  Definitely children--and adults alike--will find amazement on how ice cream is being made.  Kib and I both enjoyed this activity and will surely go back there to taste other ice cream flavors.

You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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  1. Wow!! Looks like a fun event! My kids love Ice cream too! Shall we set an ice cream date, soon? :)

    1. Oh sure! Your kids will love it! They'll be so amazed to see the smoke!