Halloween Trick or Treat 2014

By Mommy Donna and Kib - November 11, 2014

This year, Kib was blessed to attend two Halloween Trick or Treat events this year: one organized by Mommy Bloggers Philippines  at the Big Red Barn in Fun Ranch and the other one an invite by my boss at her parent’s village.  Still a kid at heart, Kib likes dressing up for this event. 

My decision of attending the Halloween party by MommyBloggers Philippines came a bit late since I do not want to commit ahead of time and eventually backing out due to some unavoidable circumstances.  My colleague at work, Sally, was very kind to let me use her tickets on that event since her kid was sick at that time.

When we arrived at the venue, I was so surprised to see different booths!  I was so amazed on how Lani and the rest of the committee members were able to get sponsors for the events at a short period of time, clap, clap!  Mommy bloggers were also proactive in this event by sharing some goodies for the children’s trick or treat or even donating prizes to promote their own businesses.  It was a momentous moment for the blogging community as I was able to meet the mommy bloggers face to face. I usually chat with them on Facebook only.

The venue looks festive! Sponsor booths all around the place (Photo courtesy of Photomark Lightworks)

My son had a wonderful time on that event.  I dressed him up as Zorro. My son, being an amicable person, got easily acquainted with other kids there.  Some kids showed up their talents by rendering a special number.  Had I known that there will be some special number, I could’ve volunteered my son to render a song too, haha!

Thanks Photomark Lightworks for our photo!

My son together with other children during the mini-parade of costumes (Photo courtesy of Photomark Lightworks)

There were lots of items for raffle!  I was blessed to win one can of Bonakid Preschool milk.  Too bad my son is too old for that; anyway, I will just give it to my inaanak.  Aside from the raffle items, sponsors offered a lot of things to us!  They entertained us with a lot of stuff on their respective booths.  The party was so engaging!

Look at the items for raffle! (Photo courtesy of Photomark Lightworks)

Wow, so many candies and cookies for trick or treat! (Photo courtesy of Photmark Lightworks)

Another table full of candies and goodies for children! (Photo courtesy of Photomark Lightworks)

Even though there were no kiddie games, my son still had a wonderful time.  My son went home with a bagful of goodies during the Trick or Treat activity. 

Mommy bloggers and kids doing wacky poses (Photo courtesy of Mommy Bloggers Philippines)

The second Trick or Treat activity that we attended was at Valle Verde 5.  We attended last year’s activity and Kib enjoyed it so much that we wanted to join again.  This year’s theme was Trick or Treat Around The World, so I let him wear his Sikaran outfit.  Sikaran is Filipino martial arts.  Kib used to train for this sport, but since there were only few attendees in our village, they decided to put a halt on it.  I do hope that they will offer it again.

Kib during the costume parade, we didn't win though

After the short program at the village’s Social Hall, we started going around the village.  Kib has two Halloween buckets, so  he asked the villagers to put candies to all of his buckets!  A street-smart move eh?!

Kib posing at the front yard decoration of the houses in Valle Verde 5

After we have gone around the village, we had a simple dinner at Ginger’s parents’ house.  The kids still have energy to play with each other after dinner before heading home.

Kib's loot from the Trick or Treat activity, overflowing with goodies!

I will not get tired of providing my son the best childhood experience.  As long as he is happy, I am happy too. 

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