Something Old, Something New--Birthday Celebration 2014

By Mommy Donna and Kib - October 28, 2014

My son and I’s birthdays are just five days apart.  I really plan that every year, our birthday celebration will be unique so that we will have something to remember.  Since I’m too busy with my work, I wasn’t able to plan well for our celebration, that is why I entitled my blog like this.  I have to ‘repeat’ the same things that we did before and of course, I still tried to do something new.

My son is really begging me about having a party.  Personally, I don’t like parties because of the preparation that you have to do plus the stress of who’s who on the guestlist.  Anyway, I just asked my son where he wants to go and do on his birthday. 

Pre-birthday celebration, I shopped clothes and shoes for him.  I bought him a new pair of sneakers and shorts.  Since it was also my birthday, I told him that I will also shop for myself.  I teased him that he should buy something for me since it is also my birthday.  Little did I know that while I was looking around the store, he was also looking something for me!  He was consulting his lola, asking if I will like it.  He even waited for me outside the fitting room just for him to see if the shirt he had chosen for me fits me.  I showed it to him and he said in delight, ‘Mommy you look sexy!’  Since he didn’t have money at that time, I paid for the shirt he had chosen for me, but when we got home, he opened his piggy bank and gave me some money.

I wonder what's inside...hmmm

Shopping galore for Kib!

On his birthday, before we went out to celebrate, I let him blew candles on his birthday cake.  I only chose a small cake for him because we might not be able to finish a regular-sized cake. 

Happy birthday Kib!

We first went to Manila Ocean Park.  It’s already our third visit there but still Kib enjoyed the place.  This time, he is so diligent to read all the information about the sea creatures there.  He even gets mad at me whenever I tell him to move to another spot.  Outside Manila Ocean Park I let him have a 4D ride. 

Kib's 4D ride.  The attendant is so kind to accompany him inside since I'm a bit lazy to ride with him

So this is how it feels to be in a cold region, brr!

That's Kib's shadow, pardon for being dark, camera flash is not allowed inside the oceanarium. He is reading the information about clownfish

Our next stop was at Myth of the Human Body.  We had been in this exhibit several years ago (check my post at , but I am so happy to know that they are here to stay permanently.  They are now staying at their new location at Boom na Boom Complex in Pasay City.  This time, my son really enjoyed the museum tour as he is also engaging on a conversation with the tour guide.  The most exciting part of the tour was when we were given a close encounter with Red Man outside the glass casing.  That exhibit is called Red Man because it is a system of veins and arteries in the human body.  For me that exhibit is amazing because the procedure of ‘melting’ human flesh to get the veins is difficult.  The most inevitable part of the tour is when Kib laid down in a coffin!  The museum staff were so amazed by Kib’s wit and charm that they gave him a souvenir after the museum trip.

The present home of Myth of the Human Body, so nice facade!

This is what you will see as you enter the building, so classic!

Thank you, for your wonderful gift!

Kib did the inevitable! Can you do it?

Last stop was at Movie Stars Café along SM Mall of Asia complex. Since it was still too early for dinner, we walked towards SM Mall of Asia to kill time.  Again we went to check out some clothes and this time, Kib has money.  He got some coins from his piggy bank and put it in his wallet.  He was so determined to buy something from me that he is counting his money if he has enough.  When I told him that there’s no need to buy something from me, he cried.  So to make him stop, I said that it is okay to buy something for me.  He was the one choosing, he doesn’t like my choices.  When I already agreed on his choice, he whispered to his lola if she can add more money.  Such a sweet boy!

These are Kib's gifts to me =) Posted at Instagram

At Movie Stars Café, we all had a blast.  It’s kid-friendly!  The cosplayers interacted with the kids and the adults, they seem to never get tired of giving entertainment to the customers.  My son felt that he is a part of the team!  He danced together with the cosplayers.

Happy birthday to us! Thank you Movie Stars Cafe! Photo posted at Instagram

Kib posing beside the photo of Bruce Willis

Kib having fun with the cosplayers

Selfie with Spidey

All the kids are having fun together with Spiderman

Kib with the villains

Our birthday celebration may not be as grandiose as it should be, but the most important is we both had fun.  Belated happy birthday to us!

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  1. Ang sweet nyo tingnan mag-ina. Sobrang jampacked ang birthday celebration ah! Talagang nag-enjoy nga kayo! Belated Happy Birthday to both of you! Ang cute ni Kib in saluting pose. hehe :)

    1. Thanks Sally! Mahilig talaga kami maglamyerda, haha...

  2. Wow! Ang importante eh naging masaya kayo! Grabe si Kib! Ang galing niya talaga mag project hehehe! Love it!

  3. Look at him in all those photos! I think he had a blast and that's all that matters! :)

  4. he obviously enjoyed his birthday. :D

    1. Yes, that smile from his face, it's all worth the pagod on that day!